Tampa 2023 Genesis Challenge


The Genesis Challenge starts this last week of April 2023. Stay tuned!

Max Running Time

9 Minutes, including all credits and slates.



Max Rating:

PG-13 (Limited use of curse words, no nudity)


The film challenge rules are incorporated herein. 
Failure to follow these Challenge Rules and Guidelines may disqualify your entry from being screened and/or being eligible for any awards!

Submission deadline for scripts: May 28, 2023 @ 11:59pm

  • Complete film must be submitted by: August 27, 2023 at 11:59 pm
  • Please practice safe filming.  No real arms to be used on ANY set.
  • Genre: Drama. Sub genres are welcome.
  • Maximum total film run-time (including titles and credits) is 9 minutes. 
  • If your script is selected you are expected to post updates to the Facebook group along with these lead tags:
    #TIF #OIFGenesisChallenge
  • Your film may NOT be shown elsewhere prior to the Challenge screening date. 
  • Award nominations for actors as a lead and/or supporting role is limited to a total of three (3) films per Challenge.
  • Writers and Directors are limited to one such role per Challenge.
  • Additional Terms and Conditions may apply and will be posted on the submission form.

Genesis Challenge Script Submission

    Main Genre (Drama only for this round)

    Number of Pages (not counting Title Page): (Required)

    Suggested Film Rating: (See this guide)

    (20 Scripts)

    11 MILE IMPACT – Brandon Krum
    A couple survive in a closet after a nuclear explosion that happened 11 miles outside Tampa just after one of them discloses they want a divorce. The two now must reconcile their personal relationship with the realization that they will probably die of radiation sickness together as the Air quality kills most outside.

    Secret Admirer Chad Shaver
    Obsession from distance is no longer enough.

    Where the Hear Is Nathan Bradford
    A difficult relationship between mother and teenage daughter gets interrupted by mysterious events that brings them closer together.

    Masquerade Heather Fraley
    Masquerade definition: “Pretend to be someone one is not.” A masquerade ball, Takes a drastic turn into a more sinister situation.

    Limerence Joe Furnari
    A live podcast host gets an unsettling phone call to help find a missing person.

    Armed Brotherly: Ghost of a Chance David Tolliver
    Four individuals who have all experienced grief collectively have an encounter with the afterlife

    Preparatory To The Final Judgement Justin Rios
    Our Protagonist, finds themselves in an unfamiliar interior of hallways only to learn they’re in an intermediate realm.

    Genevieve Patryk Godlewski
    A boy meets girl at her darkest hour and shines some light into the road ahead.

    Blood Brother Shanita Brown
    Being a hero is not always easy especially when your actions put the ones you love in danger.

    Reflection Koura Linda
    When a woman’s perception of herself is shattered, she is forced to confront the haunting echoes of her past, delving into the depths of her own existence, transcending the boundaries between life and death and challenging her very understanding of what it means to be herself.

    Matters of the Mind Rory Smith
    A young man with OCD and anxiety struggles to get through an afternoon, but a friend steps in to help.

    The Interview Madeleine Carstens
    An aspiring actress has an unexpected reaction to being denied by an agency.

    To Love Like You’ve Never LostJoe Cicalese
    A teenager tries to cope with her best friend’s disappearance and the possibility that she is gone forever.

    Bored to DeathJoel Goldberg
    In a world where people can literally die of boredom, comes an existential drama about a young couple who find the meaning of life

    Moving OnArlene Lagos
    A victim of domestic abuse searches for a way to forgive her abuser as she struggles with her new reality.

    Bite Marks – Stefanie Davis
    After a tragic accident, two detectives question the sole survivor to find the truth behind the bite marks.

    Give a Man a ChanceSean Critelli
    When Detective Roberts, has some questions for a masked man, he doesn’t get the answers he wants, but the ones he needs.

    My Love LilacSky Belluomini
    A walk in the woods turns deadly when Crystal and Lilac are followed by a mystery man.

    InfluencerJasmin Alexa
    A social media influencer gets too comfortable online with live streaming but that quickly changes as goes from fun to a nightmare in a split second.

    Guard My HeartKareem Everison
    Everyone has someone they can count on, but only the lucky few have someone to Guard their heart. When Security Guard Devin Williams notices burglars breaking into his close friend Michelle Davis Art gallery to steal her heart painting, he leaps into action to Guard her Heart.