Show your film on the OIF YouTube Channel.

The Channel will showcase select  films that premiered at a private OIF screening, all in one place for the world to see!

OIF  will promote the films on its YouTube channel.  This Channel will be listed in media campaigns from time-to-time, as appropriate.

Links to the Films on the Channel may also be viewed here, on the OIF website.

Recommendations to filmmakers submitting their productions:

  • If your film is currently running the film festival circuit, do NOT submit it until that phase has ended.
  • If you choose to have the film displayed elsewhere as well, though not required, we ask that external links not be public so that your film may be considered for a Public Theater Premiere (see more below).

Popular films on this Channel may be eligible for a public screening in a local theater, along other films by Florida independent filmmakers.

OIF will help market these events and will invite media and film trade presence.

For more information contact an OIF admin.


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By submitting a video or film production, I confirm that I am authorized to submit the production to OIF for free distribution on any of its media Channels as well as promoting it elsewhere.

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Your privacy is important. Your email address will not be shared with any party not directly affiliated with OIF or as necessary to help promote the production.