Film Submission Guidelines

By submitting a film, via url link or other media, to  the Orlando Independent Filmmakers (OIF),  you agree to the following:

  • You are the authorized owner or agent for the production being submitted.
  • You certify that the script is based on an original story where you or a member of your production team is the copyright holder.  No adaptations.
  • The very beginning of the film should have a suggested rating, please use the ratings on this page as a guide. The legible rating, normally on a green background, should display for a minimum of three (3) seconds.  Film rating must be disclosed when submitting your entry.
  • You have obtained all necessary talent and location releases for the submitted production.
  • OIF may show or post images, photos or trailers of your film, up to 30 seconds, via their distribution channels for marketing and promotional purposes.   Primarily for the purposes of generating exposure for your film and the event for which it is being submitted.  If provided, OIF will link the trailer to an appropriate  online page of your choice.
  • Running length limitation of the film to be submitted varies and is posted on the submission page.  Total running time includes credits.
  • For any Challenges or similar events where submissions over 20 minutes in length are allowed, it is strongly recommended that a trailer be submitted as well for the aforementioned purposes.
  • Films must be presented in the English Language or have English sub-titles.
  • All other talent or crew member may participate in as many productions as they like.
  • Only directors and/or producers are authorized to nominate candidates for OIF Awards.

Some of the OIF entry guidelines on this page are modeled after general Film Festival Submission Guidelines, furthering our members’ preparedness in the film industry.  These guidelines are also established  to foster greater general participation in film-making and to provide a fairer environment for recognizing local filmmaker’s talents.
Guidelines are subject to change without notice.  Please review them carefully prior to submitting your entry.

Failure to abide by the above guidelines will disqualify your entry.


These guidelines were last updated on January 19, 2019.