Meeting June 2018

Orlando Independent Filmmakers (OIF) – A Collaborative Film Group

OIF originated in Central Florida to promote participation in film arts.   We formed during the Spring of 2016 as a small collaborative film group consisting of a handful of people with interest in filmmaking.  Since then, we have evolved into a dynamic community of several thousand members.

OIF also enjoys ventures with other Arts and Entertainment Groups throughout Florida, helping to raise the level of activity and participation to all types of visual and performing arts in the region.

One of the ways OIF members benefit their personal growth is by gaining material for their reels, getting hands-on experience and accumulating credits in the film industry.   Members are encouraged to go further than they imagined and try their hand at multiple aspects of the industry, thereby expanding their knowledge.  This shift in perspective allows for greater understanding of the filmmaking process.

We sponsor or co-sponsor several Hollywood-style screening events during the year at local venues.  Selected member productions are screened at an appropriate venue and often followed by an awards ceremony and after-party.  We have held screening galas at various Central Florida venues, including Universal Studios CitiWalk and the Orlando Museum of Art.

If you are located in or near Central Florida and would like to participate in productions, meetings, or events, join our facebook group!

Whether you are a beginner and are simply interested in learning more about the film industry in general or are a veteran wishing to network with crew and cast members, you will find a place in the OIF family.