OIF 2017 Summer Blockbusters Challenge Entries

The following productions have been accepted as entries into the OIF Challenge


Joe Boi –  SCI FI/COMEDY –
As a navigation app updates, an eccentric nerd plans to go out, but his new app, G.I.A., is calling all the shots — that is, until operatives from an underground Russian organization want to take back their weapon prototype.

David Kashner – THRILLER –
A newly divorced woman’s decision to get a tattoo puts her on the run because of the clues the tattoo holds

Louie Castillo –  THRILLER –
A woman and her friend find a videotape with disturbing content Will the clue in the tape help them catch a man for his actions or will another person fall victim to grizzly murder?

Erin Rider –  THRILLER –
An emotionally lost teenage girl runs away from home and every parent’s nightmare becomes reality.

Lenny Lorusso –  – TV Action/Comedy
Agents from an elite super-secret organization take on missions peppered with luck through a nebulous world unknown to ordinary people.

Tzvia Lorusso –  COMEDY –
Four childhood friends with a time machine, embark on a mission to assassinate history’s tyrants. Their failed attempt to kill Hitler allows him to escape into present day Orlando City. Having difficulty interacting with the modern world, Hitler devises a plan to take over.

Karyssa Lei – DRAMA –
A high school team is determined to find her prom date after he is proclaimed dead but never found.

Petra Tressler –  COMEDY –
Nothing goes as planned as three crazy spy ladies try to rescue Uncle Charlie from the mafia after he lost the the money he stole.

Cindy Tsai Karafilis- COMEDY –
A sexy housewife on the verge of divorce, finds that a speech impediment might be the key to bringing her family back together.

Michael Richartz – 1800’s STEAMPUNK WESTERN –
The crew of the prototype dirigible, USS Proteus, come from different lives in an era where the North and South are still trying to recover from the Civil War. But something is brewing in the Florida frontier that is trying to break up the new Union. Bringing together their various skills, they intend to find out what and stop it before a new war breaks out. One man may hold the clue they are looking for.

Open to all members

Deadline for submitting a Synopsis: March 31, 2017 – ALL ENTRIES HAVE BEEN SUBMITTED SEE LISTING BELOW.
Final Film Submission Deadline:  July 15th, 2017 August 20th, 2017 – SUBMISSION VIA UPLOAD.  Instructions will be posted ~1-2 weeks prior.
Screening Date:  September 16, 2017
Screening Location:  Orlando Museum of Art

What is a synopsis?
A synopsis is a brief retelling of your entire story designed to generate interest. It’s your verbal pitch in written form.
Synopsis example – http://www.wikihow.com/Sample/Screenplay-Synopsis
Synopsis template – http://www.wikihow.com/Sample/Screenplay-Synopsis-Template

Rules for Challenge Entrants

  •  Directors and all actors in a production must be members in good standing of OIF
  •  Submission dates are final.
  •  A synopsis (1-3 pages) must be submitted by the date posted above.
  •  Film must be based on an original story.  No adaptations or remakes.
  •  Pick ONE genre from the list below.
  •  A panel of Judges will choose winners in each award category
  •  Winners in the categories and roles will be announced t at the awards ceremony.
  •  Winning films will be screened at the Summer Block-Buster Screening event.
  •  A director, writer, or lead actor may not participate in such role in more than one production in the Challenge.
  •  An original song, score or other original musical piece cannot be used in more than one production in the Challenge.
  •  Additionally, the General OIF Film Submission Guidelines apply to this challenge

Principal Genres

  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Horror
  • Thriller

Award Categories

Best Original Story

Best Picture

Best Director

Best Actor in a Male Lead

Best Actor in a Female Lead

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Best Costume/Set Design

Best Hair/Make-up

Best Cinematography

Best Original Musical Score/Song