OIF Edge Challenge - 2019

Private Screening at AMC Theaters on Oct 26, 2019.
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The event starts at 5:30pm, the first block is Thriller (6pm), then the Red Carpet mingle, followed by the Horror block & After Party.

Each ticket includes the screening, Thriller Block or Horror Block or both (All Day), Red Carpet mingle & After Party at the Ale House. Each genre compete for awards independently. [Scroll down to see the films by genre]

– An official OIF Script-to-Screen Challenge. PLEASE READ ALL GUIDELINES.

  • Looking for engaging original, memorable stories, scenes and characters that would thrill the audience at the premiere and keep them at the EDGE of their seats.
  • Script Submission deadline July 28th
  • Must be one of the following genre: Horror, Thriller or Comedy-Horror
  • Make it watchable by a family, PG-13, limit F words to 2-3, NO nudity, gore and blood are okay, make a use of profanity in good taste.
  • Maximum script page count & maximum total film run-time is 10 minutes.
  • If your script was selected you have a secured screening spot at the event and your cast and crew are eligible for awards as long as the final film is submitted by the deadline TBA
  • If your script was selected you are expected to post updates in the OIF group with the tags #YOURFILMNAME #EdgeChallenge #OIF
  • Your film may NOT be shown elsewhere prior to the set OIF Challenge screening date. 

Rules to provide more opportunities and a fair chance at the awards ceremony:

  • Same actor cannot be in more than three films in total. (Any role)
  • Same actor can only be 1 Lead role and 1 supporting lead or 2 supporting leads.
  • Director, writer is limited to 1 film in the same challenge.

Here is a link to the full guidelines: CLICK HERE


  • REWRITE – leave the script for a couple of days then come back to read it with a fresh mind, you have time, don’t rush or send the first draft.
  • GET FEEDBACK  – Let someone else advise if it made sense to them. We have a poll with 50+ people who are willing to give that feedback, reach out and/or consider participating in the pre-challenge table read workshop. (will be posted soon)
  • Get to the point fast, answer the question “what are we following here” as soon as you can so your script has a good pace, keep the audience engaged

Scripts submission is now open! Last day to submit your script for the challenge is July 28th

Submit your script using the form below, see guidelines above.

Scripts announcement and challenge starting point July 30th.

Complete films are due beginning-mid October TBA. Max run-time 10 minutes.

[click submit twice if it gives you an unknown error – get back to this page after submitting, if you see your log-line below, we got it.]

EDGE’s Challenge Official Selection:

Thriller Block

  1. Articulated Glitch – by Gary Kennedy [ Thriller/PG-13] – When shopping at a flea market, a Woman brings home more than she bargained for.
  2. The Perils of Fine Dining – by Norma Jean Lipert [ Comedy-Horror/G] – A modern day vampire living in Chinatown must overcome several obstacles in his quest for the perfect food.
  3. Torment – by Joseph O’Connor [ Thriller/PG] – A psychological thriller dealing with social conformity and fears within the mind of a child.
  4. Between Doors – by Gage Lynn [ Thriller/PG-13] – Alex Maitland just wanted to start his routine day, but when we goes to leave his house he finds an unexpected surprise.
  5. Fashion Killers – by Robert Dodrill [ Thriller/R] – Upon arriving at a new foster home, a boy with deep facial scars finds kinship with the disfigured maintenance man.
  6. GREELA – by Arlene Lagos [ Thriller/PG] – After the death of Beth Williams, a dark family secret emerges that could end them all.
  7. The Lesson: Zero – by Kelly Weaver [ Thriller/PG-13] – Robert McGrady comes back home from working overseas. He finds out that some things have changed and those changes will reshape his life forever.
  8. SERI – by Violetta Anna Licari [ Thriller/PG] – Death Follows Like a persistent Shadow, waiting for the inevitable…
  9. The Caller – by Paul Usungu [ Thriller/PG-13] – A young woman’s life is thrown in the balance when she receives a call from a stranger who has but one request to play a game with deadly consequences.
  10. Woke – by Freddie Jarrett [ Thriller/PG-13] – Virtual reality has reached its peak, indistinguishable from reality. A young couple risk it all to be woke from this simulation.
  11. Chicken And Waffles – by Aiysha Everett [ Comedy-Horror/G] – A young man’s failed attempts at fulfilling his father’s waffle making legacy haunts him in the form of zombie waffles.
  12. Buried Secrets – by Ron Bourdeau [ Thriller/G] – A young couple follows a trail of buried clues to the fateful conclusion of a long-ago child disappearance.
  13. Intensive Therapy – by Swann Christopher [ Thriller/PG-13] – Against her husband’s wishes, a troubled woman seeks guidance from a charismatic therapist who claims to have the answer to all her problems.
  14. Survive If I Let You! – by Matthew Burgess [ Thriller/PG-13] – After one of their abductees escape, four men find themselves being systematically hunted down while trying to find her.
  15. The Last Time – by Akirra Quinn [ Thriller/G] – Amber, a shy college teen, and her friends continue to be bullied by their long-time sassy school bully, Madison. How much more can the teens take of Madison’s torment?
  16. The Protégé – by Paisley Greer [ Thriller/PG-13] – Based on a true story… A widow, claiming to be the victim of Remote Neural Monitoring, begins to realize that she has been selected as a study group for the development of the New World Order.[TRAILER]
  17. Soulaween – by GLENN KLINKER [ Comedy-Horror/G] – Haunted Halloween decorations terrorize trick or treaters.
  18. 1326 – by Matthew Thomas [ Thriller/R] – Nicole works for “Smart Shop Groceries”. She loves her job. She sets her own hours, gets paid weekly, meets new people…but could her last delivery be her final one?


Horror Block

  1. Little z – by Chris Ballinger [ Comedy-Horror/PG-13] – Deputy Scott thought being a new step-dad would be hard, but he never expected how challenging it would be to raise a young zombie girl.
  2. ring – by Jacoline Frank [ Horror/PG] – An Evil terrorizes a woman through connectivity.
  3. It Whispers – by Madison Bowman [ Horror/R] – Carol was just an innocent, happy, loving wife and mother. What will happen when she hears It whisper?
  4. Vengeful Love – by Alexandra Balda [ Horror/PG-13] – A couple’s perfect marriage goes dangerously awry when the jealous husband struggles with the news of the wife expecting a baby.
  5. Contrition – by Dalton Burdette [ Horror/PG-13] – The story of a man who is being stalked by a masked figure in his own home, while trying to forget his regretful past.
  6. Curse of the Luk Krok – by Florentina Kleiner [ Horror/PG-13] – A mother and her daughter find a cursed ring at an isolated farm, Will they be able to escape from the evil? Or will their souls be condemned forever?!
  7. Carve The Flesh – by Shaun Koffinas [ Horror/PG-13] – A teen girl takes her little brother trick-or-treating on Halloween, but their night does not go as they planned.
  8. The Cemetery – by Petra Tressler [ Comedy-Horror/PG-13] – What can go wrong filming in a haunted cemetery at night when you have a so called medium with you?
  9. The Bigfoot Documentary – by Zainab Raza [ Comedy-Horror/PG] – Nobel Peace Prize winning, Bigfoot, wants to further convince society in an upcoming documentary that he belongs just as much, but plans change when another mythical creature comes into the picture for help.
  10. Avaricious – by Ron T. Baker [ Horror/R] – After an accident during a high stakes game, greed takes over building to a deadly conclusion.
  11. Posse – by Sarah Vaughn Perry [ Comedy-Horror/PG-13] – It’s the last days of school and The leader of a group of high school seniors finds herself falling for a mystery man who seems like the perfect match.
  12. #HandyHubby – by J.P. Smith [ Comedy-Horror/PG-13] – A Wifey and Hubby argue about his skill-level for performing “Fixer-Upper” tasks around the home. It doesn’t look as though Hubby has a firm *hand* on things…
  13. The Kota’k – by Syd Latimore [ Horror/PG-13] – While grieving his father’s absence, Michael is given an ancient box for his thirteenth birthday that catapult’s him into an emotional nightmare he never asked for.
  14. Rosette – by Louie Castillo [ Horror/R] – A young man’s future is in jeopardy after he murders a girl over a doll.
  15. Romero’s Haunted Horrors Survival Guide – by John Silver [ Comedy-Horror/R] – A former horror star turned TV host presents a survival guide for horror movies in hopes of finding a worthy survivor.
  16. Happy Freaking Birthday – by Roberto Moreno Torres [ Horror/R] – David, who is secretly in love of Maggie, his coworker, decide that he will tell her on her birthday party but everything goes wrong when horrible creatures appear inside her house.
  17. The Table Read – by David Kashner [ Comedy-Horror/PG-13] – Three years after the first OIF challenge, David Kashner attempts to remake his film, “Misconception”. During the first production meeting for the new film, the cast members get killed off one by one as something nefarious brews behind the scene.
  18. They’re Not Welcome – by Joe Boi [ Horror/R] – Set in a post-apocalyptic world: A family of 5 must stand their ground and battle supernatural entities known as wendigos.