An official OIF Script-to-Screen Challenge.

2023 OIF ORLANDO AURA Challenge


Congratulations! Your script was selected to enter the AURA challenge!

As long as you follow the guidelines and submit your complete your film by 8/1, your screening spot is secure and your cast/crew will be eligible to compete for awards. See full guidelines below, here are the top 5: Remember “CHECK”

  1. C – You MUST post at least one Casting Call in the OIF group.
  2. H – All posts must be related to your film and must contain the following Hashtag #OIFAuraChallenge
  3. E – In the complete film, you must add this End Credit without any modifications “This Film was Created for an OIF Film Challenge.”
  4. C – Film to entertain the diverse CrowdKeep it PG-13, NO nudity (gore is ok) we will have all ages in the audience, including kids.
  5. KKick off the film submission process closer to 8/1 by assembling the required, Awards Nominees, Poster, and optionally the Bio. (,,



Flight 17 – By Dale Metz
A routine flight patrol mission becomes something much more. [ PG-13 ]

we all belong to the tower – By Dustin Weible
On the day the tower appears, Kaitlin learns her ordinary life can completely change in a single moment, and she could lose everything she holds dear as her family, her community and her sanity begin to unravel. [ PG-13 ]

Panic, Attack: Blood Pub – By Angela Hamilton
Two friends catch up at a bar on the anniversary of the “Halloween Party Massacre”, only to find that their nightmare may not be over… [ PG-13 ]

Dream Slasher – By Shawn Thompson
Amanda is a strong willed “go-getter” who has always been in control, or so she thought… [ PG-13 ]

UnPerfect – By Chris Ballinger
When a mentally ill man finds solace in a local woman, he finds himself stitching together the perfect plan to be with her. [ PG-13 ]

Sleep Paralysis – By Justin Rios
Our struggler who suffers from sleep paralysis, experiences a suffocating sequence of the phases of the nightmare of a phenomenon… [ PG-13 ]

One Stop Shop – By Dylan Swan
A group of friends are traveling through central Florida. They see something rare as they pass by a remote antique store. Little do they know, it’s closing time and the owners of this “one stop shop” are hungry and have a unique taste in food. [ PG-13 ]

They’re Not Welcome – By Joe Boi
During a worldwide invasion, a family of 5 are forced to stand their ground and fight against bloodthirsty entities from another galaxy. [ PG-13 ]

Clowns – By Jasmin Alexa
A fun night with no parents quickly makes a turn when clowns appear to play a game. [ PG-13 ]

PNEUMA – By Arturo Uspango
A romantic non-dialogue horror story between lovers, Film and Digital, and their affair with the outside world. [ PG-13 ]

The Call – By Andrew Brunner
A girl goes missing from her bed one night. A year later, her parents learn what happened that fateful night. [ PG-13 ]

The Possession of Residents – By Krystal Derico
LOGLINE- While Tally is in a Psychiatric Ward she learns about Allison a patient whose soul has not crossed over in the ward. [ PG-13 ]

Sarah – By Kelly Weaver
Having lost his wife to a battle with cancer, Quinton has ranged his breaking point. He has shelter himself away from his friends and family wishing to see his wife once again. [ PG-13 ]

Root Cause – By Alexander Mierisch
After butting heads with his uptight roommate over the dishes, a lazy man notices strange blemishes growing on his body. [ PG-13 ]

BEARWOLF – By Ross Capps
Turning sixteen comes with unbearable changes. [ PG-13 ]

The Body – By Robert Brooksby
Dead doesn’t always mean dead. [ PG-13 ]

THEM – By Danielle Foley
Three children learn that life is not always perfect when tragedy strikes and follows them. [ PG-13 ]

Stew for Dinner – By Austin Burke
A couple have a dinner date night at home while danger hides in the house. [ PG-13 ]

Beware of Her – By ARIK LATIMER
Adam braves through a horrifying forest to defeat the witch and rescue a young woman trapped in the witch’s house. [ PG-13 ]

Red Christmas – By Shawn Winders
A bratty little girl finds out the hard way what Santa Claus does to naughty children. [ PG-13 ]

The Note – By Tyler Sussmann
On the evening of her first date, a girl finds notes scattered throughout her house. What she doesn’t realize is that they aren’t from her roommate. [ PG-13 ]

D.I.P. – By Ricardo Mendez
A dog-Loving Redneck seeks revenge for his dog by helping a DIP agent fight the forces of darkness. [ PG-13 ]

The Doll House – By Zariah Paulin
THE DOLLHOUSE. As Lilah delves into the world of voodoo to gain control over her life, she soon realizes that the true puppet master has been lurking in the shadows, pulling the strings all along. [ PG ]

A MONSTER KNOCKS – By Minali Mmiri
When a normal day of school is interrupted by a sudden monstrous and bloody attack, a group of students band together to survive. (Note: My preferred name, Minali Mmiri, differs from my Facebook profile name as I am seeking technical support to have it updated on the social media platform. It also differs from my legal name, but will be my legal name very soon. Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns regarding this. Thank you!) [ PG-13 ]

The Abberation – By Ken Britt
Three low level mafia guys kidnap an old associate to settle a score. They soon find out they may have bitten off more than they can chew. [ PG-13 ]

Ready or Not (Here I Come) – By Savanna Brooks
In a desperate attempt to protect her remaining daughter from a vengeful ghost, a grieving mother finds herself entangled in a sinister web of supernatural terror. As the chilling events unfold, the flower garden becomes a haunting burial ground for the innocent, malevolent forces who threaten to claim yet another victim. [ PG ]

Human Resources – By Aubrey Vander Vennet
A woman must find a way out of a mysterious office after waking up with no memory of how she got there. [ PG-13 ]

CinderHella: Has the World Been Duped? – By Sally Green
CINDERHELLA: A mockumentary dispelling all previous understandings of the story and the character of Cinderella. [ PG ]

The Woman in Red – By Christine Najera
In a dimly lit bar, Zara, a mesmerizing singer, becomes the unsuspecting target of a sinister figure’s haunting fixation. As she navigates a treacherous web of intrigue and peril, the fate of her soul hangs in the balance, testing whether she can conquer the darkness or be forever lost in its haunting melody. [ PG-13 ]

Rowan’s Story – By Kylee Peck
In a post apocalyptic Earth, one survivor escapes only to find nothing but more death. [ PG ]

Why Us – By Connor Hayes
As a deadly zombie outbreak ravages the world, a newly engaged couple, Liam and Olivia, find themselves trapped in an abandoned warehouse. With limited supplies and relentless undead pursuing them, they must fight for their lives while confronting the horrifying realization that loved ones have turned into bloodthirsty monsters. [ PG-13 ]

The Package – By Del Marco Arlando
A young girl recounts the story of receiving a mysterious package, the contents of which trigger a flood of traumatizing memories. [ PG-13 ]

Grubs_ – By Keith Driver
Children under the care of a babysitter try a new and responsible food source and end up with unintended results. [ PG-13 ]

Doppelgänger – By Rebecca Torres
Doppelgänger. Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy. [ PG-13 ]

I’ll See You in My Dreams – By Alan Smithee
A retired investigator struggling with old age and failing memory begins to experience unsettling visions on the 50-year anniversary of his wife’s disappearance. [ PG-13 ]

Perception – By Claire Louise Huder
A young woman comes face-to-face with a familiar intruder in her home. [ PG-13 ]

The Dark Room – By Brayden Noble
Jacob Hughs and Elliot Perry respond to a local call about a demonic presence and search for information and evidence in attempt to uncover the ghost of Marigold Lane and escape with their lives. [ PG-13 ]

No Dialogue

Crashing – By Koura Linda
Two strangers meet on a dark and stormy night [ PG-13 ]

The Mourning – By Michael Carey
After a devastating loss, a man walks blindly into the woods fueled by his grief. As the sun starts to dip below the horizon he realizes he’s utterly lost and he may not be entirely alone. [ PG-13 ]

StoryCraft – By Laura VonMutius
A young bibliophile goes on the hunt for their next book to read before getting caught out of bed by Mom. [ G ]

Shades of Hope – By Nathan Bradford
The journey of two individuals battling depression finding solace and love in each other’s company. [ PG ]

Ascendere – By Zachary Tuttle
A newly ordained priest is questioning his faith and life. He is now put to the test when a family calls on him to help with their problem… a possession. [ PG-13 ]

A Rainy Day – By Jason TRUE
A fun loving 10 year must learn to adjust his life priorities when he finds himself in the midst of an unexpected tragedy. [ PG ]

Catch – By Space Ship
A father and son play catch. [ PG ]

Goodbye, Hello – By Arlene Lagos
A teenage girl forced to move away leaving her best friend behind, revisits her past years later in hopes of finding him. [ PG ]

The Wrong One – By Doc Bravo
Terrorist take the wrong person and they realize it equals a grave mistake. [ PG-13 ]

Silent Basement – By Ashley Aponte
A deaf woman lives alone and realizes that her food and other stuff is going missing, she decides to set up cameras all over her house and discovers something shocking. [ PG-13 ]

Hiding In The Bushes – By Sean Critelli
When James needs a safe place to hide from the police, things take an unexpected turn while he is hiding in the bushes. [ G ]

The Clown’s Den – By Louie Castillo
A dysfunctional man seeks revenge after a continuous event takes place on his property. [ PG-13 ]

Ms. Communication – By Henry Hill
MS. COMMUNICATION. A couple faces turmoil when the family they hope to build begins to feel less and less possible as they struggle to connect on multiple levels. [ PG ]

VR – By Abriann Tolentino
A young teenager trying out a new action Virtual reality game, that becomes a reality. [ PG ]

Grey Matter – By Adam Brunner
After a traumatic encounter which leaves a man badly beaten and his wife murdered, the accused killer is released from jail, only to realize someone is out for justice. [ PG-13 ]

The Photographer – By Baja Jessopp
A homeless man surprises photographers with his own incredible photography, but he must deal with his own personal healing before it is too late. [ G ]

Leaves – By Nifer Sims
When life doesn’t go according to plan, Ellen moves forward through the ups and downs, with a little help from her friends. [ PG ]

WILDCAT – By Levi Smith
A young girl on her way to college crosses paths with a dangerous predator, but she may be more than he bargained for. [ PG-13 ]

Eidetic – By Nick Le
Eidetic – A young girl being interrogated for murder is forced to face reality. [ PG-13 ]

Tarlo – By Charis Phelps
A cowboy dependent on his horse faces the loss of his prized possession. [ PG-13 ]

COFFEE WITH HAROLD & HELEN – By Patryk Godlewski
On a quiet morning, Harold and Helen enjoy a cup of coffee together for one last time. [ PG-13 ]

Spiritual Lenses – By Kareem Everison and Jennifer Brewer
Two Christian prayer warriors use spiritually anointed sunglasses that give them the ability to see into the spiritual realm to fight demons that are Spiritually attacking people. [ PG-13 ]

Borderline – By Bryanna Morykan
When the fate of Imogen’s life and sanity is in her own hands she must decide if she wants to fight for life or run away from it all. [ PG-13 ]

The Great Book Tussle – By Ana Gorayeb
A book tug-of-war at the library unravels into a delightful comedy of kid-like competitiveness, revealing a connection that transcends words. [ G ]

Monday – By Bianca Castillo
Pick any day of the week that you don’t want to get out of bed… Monday… you know the rest. [ G ]

Third Time’s a Charm – By Lauren Butterfield
A bullied boy finds the secret to fighting back. [ PG ]

Anyone but me! – By Lonnie Jackson
Reflections on his past memories and a surprise to his present time, this man has it all, just doesn’t know it. [ PG-13 ]

Hospital – By Kimberly DiPersia
Amanda’s father is in the hospital with COVID-19, but because of visitor restrictions, she and her family can only wait from afar. Based on a true story. [ G ]

Triggers – By Brittany Streitmatter
TRIGGERS. Ellie struggles to live a normal life while battling the intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors of her OCD. As she tries to hide her condition from her parents, Ellie begins to realize that opening up about her struggles may be the key to overcoming them. [ PG ]


Another Room :A Romance – By Chase Shellee
Two artists must deal with the weight of grief and love and go back to the classical definition of romance. [ PG-13 ]

Hammer & a Stone – By David Powers
Two people realize their demons as they struggle to say goodbye. [ PG-13 ]

Eternity with You – By Brooke Fauver
Everlasting love can have its consequences. [ PG ]

Fireproof: The story of Hades and Persephone – By Emilio Roman
A story of love, loss and the ruthless olympic struggle for control. [ PG ]

Fallen For You – By Reign Burton
Will the stars align to bond their love or will they collide for two best friends who realize they love each other. [ PG ]

Hinders – By Heather Fraley
A fresh batch of warriors in the new world have graduated training. Now the hunt begins. [ PG ]

Dating Game – By Stefanie Davis
On a first date, Player 1 and Player 2 work toward completing Level One. [ PG ]

Stargazers – By David Kashner
A couple’s perfect date turns drastically worse and he’s charged with her murder and faces death by lethal injection. [ PG-13 ]

Te Amo – By Sky Belluomini
Not all is as it seems when Layla Peters is kidnapped by her 2 former lovers. [ PG-13 ]

Love on Set – By Jasmine Vazquez
When aspiring actress is looking for some extra work, the screen and love find her. [ PG-13 ]

Dream World – By Shanita Brown
Love story about a husband and wife that are faced with a traumatic experience and ends in tragedy… [ PG ]

Running in Reverse – By Alex R. Wagner
A director and an actress fall in love and navigate a relationship through the changing tides of the pandemic. [ PG-13 ]

First and Last – By Jake Mitchell
A young man attempts to salvage his relationship in the same diner booth where it began. [ PG-13 ]

Love at First Sight – By Monique Lopez
Do you believe in soulmates? Do you know how any of it works? How about where your dreams go when you forget them and what it exactly means to love someone at first sight? Although many may not believe in such a thing, Silas and Sadie think otherwise. Their friends feel their dreaming of someone they have never met may be stressed induced, but Silas and Sadie can’t help but wonder if the dreams are leading them to one another. [ G ]

NOVA – By Tristan Ortiz
After mysteriously vanishing in space, a young astronaut suddenly reemerges thirty years later to find the world and his wife have moved on. [ PG ]

Rift – By Liz Valentin
After receiving her acceptance letter to Stanford University, Danielle’s world is turned upside down as she confronts her complicated past with Marcus, leading her on a journey of self-discovery and difficult choices that will shape her future. [ PG-13 ]

Something Like Friends – By Jhei Marie
Sasha battles with her feeling for her best friend, Jade. [ PG ]

Mia – By Nicholas Linadi
Lucas, devastated by Mia’s loss, neglects their cherished library and pushes away his best friend Sam. To heal and move forward, Lucas must confront his pain, open Mia’s letter, and rediscover love to embrace life once more. [ PG-13 ]

Working on Love – By Aline Lucas
Jennifer and Michael are police officers and they have a new case to solve, what they don’t know is that they will find love during this journey. [ PG-13 ]

Message At The Tone – By Jordan Barnett
A mourning boyfriend leaves a final voicemail to his recently deceased girlfriend following a drunken fight. [ PG-13 ]

People Watching – By Madeleine Carstens
A girl finds herself questioning her introspective views when she finally gets up the courage to talk to the adventurous boy next door. [ G ]

Kids’ Again – By Evan Hufferd
When a washed-up businessman and a nostalgic loving wife face the reality of their marriage, they must gain control of the situation in order to salvage their relationship. [ PG ]

Zom-Com – By Chad Wengel
Zom-Com Dim-witted Chris Calhoon may have found the woman of his dreams. The only problem other than being in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, is she may be trying to kill him? [ PG ]

Long Distance – By Anthony Singletary
LONG DISTANCE. A hopeless romantic convinces his next door neighbor to drive him to Canada to meet the girl of his dreams and confess his love to her. [ PG-13 ]

Live a Little Bit – By Patrick Keleher
When a kid with tourettes needs to talk to his therapist, he finds the daughter and has a heartfelt conversation. [ PG-14 ]


The film submission guidelines are incorporated herein. 
Failure to follow these Challenge Rules and Guidelines may disqualify your entry from being screened and/or being eligible for any awards!

 Submission deadline for scripts: May 23, 2023 @ 11:59pm
  • Complete film must be submitted by: August 1st @ 11:59pm
  • Please practice safe filming.  No real arms to be used on ANY set.
  • Choose one of the following genres: Horror, Romance or *NO Dialogue. Sub genres are welcome.
  • Keep it clean, max rating of  PG-13.  No nudity.  Limited profanity allowed where useful to the story line.  We normally have a general audience in the theater, keep it so the whole family can enjoy the screening.
  • Maximum total film run-time (including titles and credits) is 9 minutes. 
  • If your script was selected you have a secured screening spot at the event and your cast and crew are eligible for awards as long as the final film qualifies and is submitted by the deadline.
  • Films not received by the deadline will not be eligible for awards and may not be screened.
  • If your script is selected you are expected to post updates to the OIF group along with these lead tags:
    #OIF #OIFAURAChallenge 
  • Your film may NOT be shown elsewhere prior to the OIF Challenge screening date. 
  • Award nominations for actors as a lead and/or supporting role is limited to a total of three (3) films per Challenge.
  • Writers or Directors are limited to such roles in 1 film per Challenge.
  • Additional Terms and Conditions may apply and will be posted on the submission form.

* NO Dilaogue:  
No Spoken words, No Sign language, No Title cards, No VO.
Yes Music, Yes Character reaction sounds (like scream or cry), Yes sound fx, Yes foley. Yes words on trivial signs like open/close in a store. Or a mug with text on it.


Be sure to carefully read the Film Submission Guidelines HERE.   Do not jaepordize your submission for not following simple rules!

Award Categories

  • Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Music, Best Director, Best Cinematographer, Best Editor, Best Original Story, Best Sound, Best Set Design, Best Hair/MUA.
  • Certificate Awards:  Honorable Mentions.


  • REWRITE – leave the script for a couple of days then come back to read it with a fresh mind, you have time, don’t rush or send the first draft.
  • GET FEEDBACK  – Let someone else advise you on their take of your script. We have a poll with 50+ people who are willing to give that feedback. You can also reach out and consider participating in a table read workshop
  • Get to the point fast, answer the question “what are we following here” as soon as you can so your script has a good pace, keep the audience engaged.
  • Avoid “fluff” that may disenchant the audience and use action for greater engagement.
  • Submit an engaging original. Include a memorable story with scenes and characters to thrill the audience at the premiere. ypou 

Submissions are now closed.