2024 OIF ORLANDO SPARK Short Film Challenge

OIF Orlando Spark Challenge

Official Script Selections


Jason TRUE – Embracing the Silence
Embracing the Silence follows the poignant journey of a resilient individual navigating deafness. From childhood desires for auditory clarity to grappling with the challenges and controversies of cochlear implants, this compelling documentary explores the subject’s journey towards self-acceptance and a triumphant choice to embrace a silent world. [ Documentary , PG ]
Angeliz Bruno – Jesus Freak
A group of brave individuals in the entertainment industry gather together in this short Christian documentary to share their testimonies and faith with the world…Will the journey be easy? [ Documentary , PG-13 ]
David Powers – Doctor Sleep
A sleep doctor sheds light on the current problem with insomnia treatments and offers a groundbreaking new approach to recovery. [ Documentary , G ]
Reign Burton – No Leg Power
After experiencing a life changing event, Cj finds himself again through Crossfit [ Documentary , G ]
Zachary Tuttle – The Pirate Prince: the story of Black Sam Bellamy
During the “Golden age” of Pirates, one name arouse as the “Prince of Pirates”. This Documentary is about the life and legend of one of the wealthiest pirates who ever sailed the seas…”Black” Sam Bellamy. [ Documentary , PG-13 ]
Louie Castillo – Government vs The Government
A disabled veteran’s relentless fight against the Department of Veterans Affairs. [ Documentary , PG-13 ]
Michael Galgano – Boots to Blades
Wounded warriors form the Central Florida Warriors hockey team, battling injuries and their pasts on a path from combat boots to hockey blades. [ Documentary , PG-13 ]
Robert Laur – And……….Action
A look into the film makers and industry in Central Florida [ Documentary , PG-13 ]
Malvin Delgado – Delgado’s Last Heartbeat
Delgado’s Last Heartbeat. A Documentary of the True Story of Actor Malvin Delgado and his journey through heart disease, the battle this brought to his life, and the path that took him to overcoming it all. [ Documentary , PG-13 ]
Jimmy McDowell – THE GOOD NEWS
2 men, not panhandling for money, but instead holding a sign “HONK FOR A FREE BIBLE!” interacting at intersections with drivers. How will human nature react? Happy, cursing, yelling at this free gift? This is where our unknown results will lead. [ Documentary , PG ]
Robert Brooksby – Entertainment Industry
The Industry Is Broken! [ Documentary , PG-13 ]
Karen Aristegui – Forward Smash
Six friends reunite to relive their younger video gaming days. As their lives diverge their gaming friendship remains their binding thread. [ Documentary , PG-13 ]
Severin Hunt – Learning Forward Documentary
Nicole Greene saw a need to help kids who struggle to excel in normal learning environments. This lead her to create her own school to help challenge these kids to succeed. This documentary will cover her story and the story of the kids and family who she has helped. [ Documentary , PG ]
Melissa Dionne – He Loves Me/He Never Loved Me (A Brief Story of Narcissism)
We follow the stories of three highly successful and intelligent women, and how they fell prey to narcissistic monsters. [ Documentary , PG-13 ]

Holiday Theme

Robin Hofmann – Star Cafe
Elderly cafe owner struggles to maintain the small restaurant she built decades ago to support her granddaughter with Down syndrome. [ Holiday Theme , PG ]
Alex R. Wagner – The Engagement Ring
A man trapped in a time loop on New Year’s Eve must uncover the right choices to win over his love and break free, only to face a surprising twist in his quest for true happiness. [ Holiday Theme , PG ]
Arlene McQueen – In Between
Two strangers wake up in a weird house they can’t leave, forcing them to work together if they want to escape an uncertain future. [ Holiday Theme , PG ]
David Kashner – Valentine’s Day
A year after a town tragedy, two lost souls find the thing that’s been missing in their lives. [ Holiday Theme , PG ]
Angela Hamilton and Nick Marinucci – Phone Home for the Holidays
Friends gather to celebrate Christmas in suburbia, but things go awry when an unexpected visitor shows up. [ Holiday Theme , PG ]
Brooke Fauver – White Day
After running away from Roslin confessing her feelings, Robin finds the perfect way to tell her how he feels. [ Holiday Theme , PG ]
Chuck Fusca – The Queen of Christmas
In a bid to win over new friends in her town, Sarah enters a cookie contest to become the ultimate “Cookie Queen” but discovers that the sweetest victory lies in the Christmas Spirit. [ Holiday Theme , PG-13 ]
Emilio Roman – The Present
After a poor Wall street styled Negotiation with the Postal service, Santa Clause employee Rudolf to create a Sleigh that can travel at the speed of light, unknown to him, his wife Cookie, is plotting his demise. [ Holiday Theme , PG-13 ]
Andrew Brunner – There Are No Mashed Potatoes in the Metaverse
A family Thanksgiving dinner that is held in the metaverse doesn’t go quite as planned. [ Holiday Theme , PG ]
Brandon Krum – New Years Evil
A movie about an actor action star who gets contacted by a crazy fan on New Years Eve with bombs planted all over the city. He must work with FBI agent Lucy Gordon to solve a series of riddles in order eliminate the threat and try and find the identity of the madman before the stroke of midnight! [ Holiday Theme , PG-13 ]
Joshua De La Vega – Catching Santa
A conspiracy theorist dedicates his life to catching Santa, One Christmas night He sets traps for St. Nick and makes a world-shattering discovery. [ Holiday Theme , PG ]
Krystal Derico – A Story of Hope
Logline: A story based on TRUE EVENTS: Tawana a mother of 3 gives her daughter a lifetime of advice as she battles Cancer and celebrates Christmas like it’s her last. [ Holiday Theme , PG-13 ]
Kelly Weaver – Fait Haired Child
Having lost her mother last year, Johnna wishes to have a good Christmas this year. When a strange being known as Julian comes to her on Christmas Eve, Johnna just might get her wish. [ Holiday Theme , PG-13 ]
Sky Belluomini – My Love Lilac
Lilac and Crystal have been struggling to get pregnant. Will a Christmas wish make their dreams come true? [ Holiday Theme , PG ] Lonnie Jackson – A Christmas Bumble
“Do you believe in Love at first sight? its real, but be careful or someone may get hurt.” [ Holiday Theme , PG ]
Tyler Sussmann – Black Friday
Burdend with being involved in a toxic relationship this time on year, a young man, instead of finding great deals, find something he never thought he needed – clarity. [ Holiday Theme , PG ]
Neena Leon – Let’s Stay Together
LOGLINE: Infatuated with her childhood best friends Janelle and Parker, who are reunited high school sweethearts . Delphine’s crush on both of them gradually turns into obsession as she is forced to watch a growing romance blossom between them. [ Holiday Theme , PG ]
Dagniel Mantilla Sanchez – Is He Real?
When a spirited mother, Judy, strives to preserve her daughter Olivia’s belief in Santa amid schoolyard skepticism, their heartwarming journey through the magic of Christmas questions and traditions becomes a comedic and touching exploration of the enduring power of belief, family, and the enchantment of the holiday season. [ Holiday Theme , G ]
Arturo Uspango – Happy Thankschristmasvaleneasterween of July
Two children summon the spirit of life by merging the holidays. [ Holiday Theme , PG-13 ]
Julia Dansereau – The President is Dead
Two college students set out to throw the greatest Halloween party ever- but at what cost? [ Holiday Theme , PG-13 ]
Luke Riether – Myra’s Last Hope
In a struggling town, a chance encounter with a kind-hearted homeless man sparks hope and leads to a heartwarming transformation as the community comes together just in time for Christmas. [ Holiday Theme , G ]
Sean Critelli – Visions of Sour Plums
As Santa settles in to read the letters sent to him from children worldwide, he discovers a letter that will change Christmas forever. [ Holiday Theme , PG-13 ]
Joshua Shaffer – Merry Christmas Forever
The war on Christmas is over, Christmas won. A ragtag team of holiday heroes take the fight behind enemy lines to destabilize an unrecognizable winter wonderland. [ Holiday Theme , PG-13 ]
Kylee Peck – I’ll stop for you
woman faces alcohol addiction. Husband searches everywhere after her disappearance all for it to be an illusion. [ Holiday Theme , G ]
Amorea Fraley – Protraction
A trick or treating night, takes an unexpected turn and 4 children must fight for survival, in this fun family comedy holiday film. [ Holiday Theme , PG ]
Raymond Sostre – The Time Is Now
Life as an addict through the holidays. A story only heard of, but never seen by ordinary individuals. [ Holiday Theme , PG-13 ]
James Pinard Pinard – A VHS Christmas
After a father and son argument on Christmas Eve, the father receives a magical VHS tape that transports him to Christmas 1988, where he gets a chance to reconcile with his father. [ Holiday Theme , G ]
Valerie Jones Rash – Cracked: The Last Egg-stravaganza
A slightly irreverent mockumentary that sheds light on a 1994 county-wide church peanut butter Easter egg fundraising competition. [ Holiday Theme , PG ]
Adam Gomez – Unexpected Christmas
Amidst her own divorce, Emily discovers the true meaning of love and resilience as she sponsors a family in need for Christmas, revealing that sometimes the greatest gift is not what you can give, but what you can learn from those who have nothing. [ Holiday Theme , G ]


Dale Metz – Retribution
Faced with an impossible choice in a dystopian society, a father leads his youngest daughter to be sacrificed. [ Sci-Fi , PG-13 ]
A disoriented woman gets an unwelcomed stay at the world’s worst hotel & spa, down at the end of Lonely Street. [ Sci-Fi , PG ]
Joseph o’connor – Abduction of Courtney Garland
“In a small town, a teenage girl’s life takes a surreal turn when she becomes mysteriously impregnated and abducted by extraterrestrial beings. As her bewildered father races against time to protect her, he grapples with the haunting reality that her mother has already fallen victim to the same otherworldly fate.” [ Sci-Fi , PG-13 ]
Kimberly DiPersia – Saving Cycle
When his crush is tragically killed, Jake abandons everything to save endangered Katheryns in alternate dimensions. [ Sci-Fi , PG ]
Matthew Thomas – The Old Box
A young girl finds an unusual item in an old box [ Sci-Fi , PG ]
DoC Bravo – Shift Swap
Kerrie needs Friday off but it’s the 13th and a “freaky” event happens when she wakes up in another person’s body. [ Sci-Fi , PG-13 ]
Aline Lucas – Moment in Time
When Derek gets the chance back in time to right a wrong, he accidentally changes the course of history. Now he has to fix the past or to even exist in the future. [ Sci-Fi , G ]
Manny Plaza-Fernandez – “Let Me In”
A young man’s life is thrown for a loop when he encounters a familiar face has broken into his apartment. [ Sci-Fi , PG-13 ]
Erik Helsen – The Day the Earth Stopped Spinning
A being from space arrives with an important message for the future of the earth. [ Sci-Fi , PG-13 ]
Ross Capps – ISOLATED
An awkward teenager is invited to a deserted island by her old childhood friend for one last party to hold onto their youth. As the party builds the isolated teen’s anxiety, something on the island threatens to ruin the good times. [ Sci-Fi , PG-13 ]
Lauren Butterfield – Forbidden Shadows
When a lonely boy meets an unlikely friend, his life is forever changed. [ Sci-Fi , G ]
Bianca Castillo – TimeForce – The Beginning
A young boy uncovers his father’s past, turning what seemed like mere storytelling into a startling reality. [ Sci-Fi , PG-13 ]
Dawn Millings – Butta Crust
When her employees serve up a half-baked Pi Day surprise, Patricia is forced to clean up their mess before they can make it. [ Sci-Fi , PG-13 ]
Jason Kathawa – To Serve Man
A child-like robot receives counsel from an appointed lawyer regarding the robot’s larceny charge and likely death sentence. [ Sci-Fi , PG ]
Douglas Nary, Jr. – Red Cutter
In a dystopian future on permanent lock down due to a deadly epidemic, monthly treatments must be enforced to ensure humanity’s survival. [ Sci-Fi , PG ]
Jonathan Silva – The Dinner
A man in mourning sits down for dinner with a hologram to say a proper goodbye and seek the closure he never received all those years ago. [ Sci-Fi , PG ]
Hugh DiMauro – The Backup
Deputy Wes Moore, under investigation for a bizarre, supernatural, duty related shooting, enlists the help of a retiring colleague also the subject of department scrutiny for his own paranormal incident. [ Sci-Fi , PG ]
Adam Brunner – VuDu
Two stranded space explorers struggle to survive the harsh elements of a new world, only to realize their fate is out of their control. [ Sci-Fi , PG-13 ]
Claire Huder – In The Blink Of An Eye
A young woman who is always forgotten when out of sight takes a chance to meet someone special and finally be remembered. [ Sci-Fi , PG ]
Jacob Schwartz – SANCTUARY
In a dystopian community where senses are dulled, a man who’s tasked with helping the community rise to paradise suddenly uncovers that everything, even he is not what it appears. [ Sci-Fi , PG-13 ]



The Primary Film Challenge Rules are incorporated herein. 
Failure to follow All Challenge Rules may disqualify your entry from being screened and/or being eligible for any awards!

 Submission deadline for scripts: November 13, 2023 @ 11:59pm

      • Complete film must be submitted by: February 5th, 2024 @ 11:59pm [Premiere TBD March 2024]

      • Choose one of the following genres: Holiday Theme, Documentary and Sci-Fi. Sub genres are welcome.

      • Keep it clean, max rating of  PG-13.  No nudity.  Limited profanity allowed where useful to the story line.  We normally have a general audience in the theater, keep it so the whole family can enjoy the screening.

      • Maximum total film run-time (including titles and credits) is 9 minutes. 

      • If your script was selected you have a secured screening spot at the event and your cast and crew are eligible for awards as long as the final film qualifies and is submitted by the deadline.

      • Films not received by the deadline will not be eligible for awards and may not be screened.

      • If your script is selected you are expected to post updates to the OIF group along with these lead tags:
        #OIF #OIFSPARKChallenge 

      • Your film may NOT be shown elsewhere prior to the OIF Challenge screening date. 

      • Award nominations for actors as a lead and/or supporting role is limited to a total of three (3) films per Challenge.

      • Writers or Directors are limited to such roles in 1 film per Challenge.

      • Additional Terms and Conditions may apply and will be posted on the submission form.

    Be sure to carefully read the Film Submission Guidelines HERE.   This is a film Challenge – Do not jeopardize your entry by not following the Challenge rules!


    As long as you follow the guidelines and submit your complete your film by 8/1, your screening spot is secure and your cast/crew will be eligible to compete for awards. See full guidelines below, here are the top 5: Remember “CHECK”

      1. C – You MUST post at least one Casting Call in the OIF group.

      1. H – All posts must be related to your film and must contain the following Hashtag #OIFSPARKChallenge

      1. E – In the complete film, you must add this End Credit without any modifications “This Film was Created for an OIF Film Challenge.”

      1. C – Film to entertain the diverse CrowdKeep it PG-13, NO nudity (gore is ok) we will have all ages in the audience, including kids.

      1. KKick off the film submission process closer to February 1st by assembling the required, Awards Nominees, Poster, and optionally the Bio. (https://oifstudio.com/submissions/awards-nominations/, https://oifstudio.com/submissions/poster-submission/, https://oifstudio.com/submissions/filmmakers-bio/

    Award Categories

      • Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Music, Best Director, Best Cinematographer, Best Editor, Best Original Story, Best Sound, Best Set Design, Best Hair/MUA.

      • Certificate Awards:  Honorable Mentions. Best VFX.


      • REWRITE – leave the script for a couple of days then come back to read it with a fresh mind, you have time, don’t rush or send the first draft.

      • GET FEEDBACK  – Let someone else advise you on their take of your script. We have a poll with 50+ people who are willing to give that feedback. You can also reach out and consider participating in a table read workshop

      • Get to the point fast, answer the question “what are we following here” as soon as you can so your script has a good pace, keep the audience engaged.

      • Avoid “fluff” that may disenchant the audience and use action for greater engagement.

      • Submit an engaging original. Include a memorable story with scenes and characters to thrill the audience at the premiere. ypou