2022 ARISE Challenge May 21, 2022

12:30PM – 7:15PM – Films Screening at AMC Theaters Altamonte Springs.

Address: 433 E Altamonte Dr, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
Join us for an entertaining screening, get ready to cry, laugh and be at the edge of your seat with our wonderful line-up of films.
  • 12:30 PM – Check-in
  • 1:00 PM – Drama Block
  • 3:45 PM – Comedy Block
  • 5:40 PM – Spy Block

 8:00PM – 11:00PM – Networking & Awards Gala at the Hilton Altamonte Springs

Address: 350 Northlake Blvd, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

Join us for an incredible night! Come network with directors, filmmakers, take your photo on the Red Carpet.

  • 1 FREE Drink
  • Appetizers Buffet
  • Entertainment
  • Networking with some great talent and crew
  • Red-Carpet Photos
  • Red-Carpet Interviews (Video-taped)
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Awards Ceremony

11:00PM – 2 AM After-Party at the Ale House

Address: 477 E Altamonte Dr, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

Drama Block

(screening order is NOT complete)

AshtonAngelina ZagonenkoA girl deals with mental health.
Deborah DownerJanine MoragaThe relationship between two step-brothers is tested when one of them falls in love with a radio talk show host.
VOGEL IM KAFIGJustin RiosAn abused teenage pianist is put under the spotlight for mobsters that broke into her house as a death wish…
Mine Since BirthShanita BrownTwo best friends since junior high school are roommates. Shari has a daughter named Ari and Shari likes to party. Beatrice took care of Ari since she was born while Shari was out partying. Ari goes missing from school. A Detective was assigned to the case, and he was suspicious of Beatrice as the kidnapper. Beatrice’s behavior towards her being missing was not appropriate. Shari did her own investigating and found Ari. She saved Ari from her best friend Beatrice. Beatrice always wanted to be Ari’s mother. She is evil and envious.
Directors CutEmilio Luis RomanDirector’s Cut is a short film that follows the unlucky couple, Cleo and Stella, as they go on a tour of Redburn Mansion (a movie set) hosted by their favorite but crazed director, Charles Godard IV.
Love Me, Yet Hate MeKrystal DericoThe wife of a millionaire experienced a turn for the worse mentally and emotionally. She then goes to her cousin for help, but her cousin ends up experiencing hurt and betrayed from the people she thought loved her.
EmberTrinity SoosFollow Josephine’s childhood journey as she is embraced by a true friend with unconditional love.
DENIALGABRIELA DAALSometimes is easier to deny the loss of a loved one than to learn how to live in their absence.
Phantom BrideLeah BreauxSmall town rocker Jax wishes more for his band, but is it too much to ask for?
Meet Me at the Rainbow BridgeKEN MONTANOMeet me at the Rainbow Bridge where Heaven and Earth meet.
Before the Son SetsMalcolm Parrish17 year old Maddox comes to grips with moving across the country to LA with his father. In this coming of age drama Maddox prepares himself to navigate the unknown.
How To Be RememberedAngeliz BrunoHow does someone become remembered? Is it through fame? Through work? Or the nice old lady who lives next door? With their sisterly bond ruined, two sisters must face the frustration of moving on together during a worldwide pandemic.
BelieveSamantha BurtonRaine’s strength is challenged more than ever before
For YouSamantha BurtonTwo lovers in financial hardship. Sophia is terminally ill and needs surgery which leads Jenna to get back into the ring to fight for money, to save the life that only matters to her.
West of LuckyArlene LagosWhen superstitious Sarah follows odd man Mr. West in order to spy on him, the truth she uncovers becomes a big pill to swallow.
It’s Okay To CryRex SeatonA troubled man and his wife are having a new baby when something awful causes the man to spiral into chaos.
Before I Let You GoKelly WeaverJacob Myers has been dealing with a lot of pain and anger over the years. He receives a phone call from his mother. A call he didn’t expect but knew would come some day. Now he must find his composure as he faces something from his past. Produced by Terminal 52 Films. Written and Directed by Kelly D. Weaver.


Birthday CardDylan ConradA few broke college kids need money to pay for a birthday part and rent, but they spent all their money on beer the night before.
A.S.S. Animal Secret ServicesZachary MooreA down on his luck guy dreams he’s a secret agent, the only catch is.. He has to face some unusual foes.
Critical MomentDaniel MiliszewskiA hospitable office worker must keep his calm while playing a board game with an inconsiderate intern.
How to Sneak Into an R Rated MovieSophie GonzalezTwo teen girls come up with a plan to sneak into an R rated movie.
Two Hitmen from GonzagoPeder TrusiakTwo newly partnered coworkers confront the absurdities of life while waiting for their boss to arrive.
The BagelJoshua De La VegaDuring a long day of Filming, A production assistant is trying to make a bagel during a break in filming, but Is prevented by the production calling for assistance and while called multiple times.
Should You Choose to Accept ItDerin GeorgeAfter growing attached to her quirky intelligence officer, super spy Martha must take desperate measures to escape a date from hell.
Fish SticksAngela HamiltonChaos ensues when a formerly famous chef trying to make a comeback is paired with a social media influencer famous for his unconventional approach to cooking.
Men Are DogsTracey JaneA guarded woman longing for a meaningful connection is confronted by a gregarious man claiming to be a dog.
Explosion In The MountainMatthew GrayThe director of an overbudget spy film has to justify if the footage they have shot so far is good enough to get further funding.
The Art of SneakinessJoe BoiA high school student receives a letter from a super secret society who only recruits the sneakiest of people.
Self DefenseNathan BradfordA young sensitive man has his world turned upside down in the blink of an eye. Now he needs to learn self-defense to get his confidence back and ensure he gets what’s coming to him.
Gone GrayKoura Linda & SpaceshipIn a race against time, a series of events tests the endurance of Special Agent Gray when a failed op ends in disaster forcing her to fight for the will to live.
The Aries IncidentWes ImlayTwo career criminals find themselves unknowingly plotting against each other.
The Sparrow, and the RavenDavid KashnerA spy, a female spy, falls for an assassin and unravels the answers to her past
VDanielle BowmanA highly trained spy, who wants to get out of the game, completes one last mission, little does she know that she now holds the key to new technology and the secrets of her past that could change the world and her own life, forever.
MissiyaTL WestgateMitch Woods is an agent with a long history in the spy game. After his latest mission, someone tries to kill him. Now it’s a race against time to find out who the unknown assassin is.
CIA SalonLincoln HallfordRetired CIA Operative protects his daughter and her artwork in the midst of a home invasion.
The Interrogation RoomJonathon ReedThe private investigator’s task with following a suspected adulterer becomes the number one suspect in the murder of the adulterer.