OIF Legend Challenge announcement
An official OIF Script-to-Screen Challenge.

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The nominees and winners for the OIF LEGEND film challenge


* WINNER – New Day – Golnessa Tabrizi
The Road to You – Jordyn Cobb
Bloody Mary – Athena Street & Hillary Keating

Love Eternal – Kristen Gallo
Garbage Out – Koura Linda
Holy Water – Jennifer Esposito

White Poison – Athena Street
Forest of Fools – Juan Pantoja
Treasured – Connor Hayes
Deception – Jahaira Aponte
* WINNER – Nefarious – Athena Street


The Road to You – Angela Hamilton
Buried Deep Inside – Angeliz Bruno
The End – Koura Linda
New Day – Uriel Leite
* WINNER – Meadows of Aite – Savannah Slawson
The Illusion of Choice – Katie Payne
Dumb – Madeleine Carstens
Chanteuse – Kay Renz

Spin The Bottle – Stefanie Davis
Love Eternal – Tracey Jane
* WINNER – Dead End Job – Margarita Sotomayor
Garbage Out – Koura Linda
Scrooge Your Resolutions – Jarret Wasko

* WINNER – White Poison – Les McDowell
Forest of Fools – Juan Pantoja
Poker Night – Dylan Michael Swan


* WINNER – A Thief’s Turmoil – Marc Lucia
Keys to the Heart – Chuck Fusca
Meadows of Aite – Matt Winter
New Day – Oji Sabet
The End – Danilo Cunha
Chanteuse – Vidal Ramos

Scrooge Your Resolutions – Rex Seaton
I WILL SURVIVE – Anthony Tyler
Spin The Bottle – JC Anthony
* WINNER –  Chaos, Inc. – Shawn Reimer
Garbage Out – Spaceship
The Legend of the Florida Man – Jeffery S. Herman
Love Eternal – Tony Simotes
Dead End Job – GREGORY Mohn


* WINNER – Forest of Fools – Kevin Kedgley
Treasured – Scot Scurlock
White Poison – Jonathan Montes
Poker Night – Johnny Gagliano
Sunburn – Abriann Tolentino


* WINNER – The Road to You – Megan Borkes
The End – Eileen Antonescu
New Day – Katie Payne
Buried Deep Inside – Angeliz Bruno
Meadows of Aite – Janice Fisher

Chaos, Inc. – Holland Watkins
Guy – Sarah King
The Legend of the Florida Man – Jennifer Kalison
I WILL SURVIVE – Naomi Hayton
Love Eternal – Tracey Jane
Spin The Bottle – Lexi Balestrieri
* WINNER –  Garbage Out – Koura Linda

Forest of Fools – Dawn Lemay
* WINNER – The Legend of the Night Guards – Ani Henry-Walker
Nefarious – Annlouise Peterson
Take on Me – Yi Christina Liu
The Intel – Katie Payne



* WINNER – The End – Space Ship
The Road to You – Aalisha Jaisinghani
Buried Deep Inside – Wilson Woodyard
Chanteuse – Kay Renz and Eric Alsford

Love Eternal – R. Newell Wood
Garbage Out – Spaceship
Dead End Job – HOward MOody
* WINNER – Instant Message – Christopher Taylor


* WINNER – Forest of Fools – Marco A Mata
The Piper – Albert Gonzalez
Sunburn – Daniel Mccook
Nefarious – Joe Furnari
Poker Night – Rick Owen


The End – Space Lilly
The Illusion of Choice – Evan Carnevali
Spirits – Rick Owen
* WINNER – New Day – John VonMutius
Meadows of Aite – Brandon Miles
The Road to You – Angela Hamilton
A Thief’s Turmoil – Krystal Alexandria

Dead End Job – EMILIO luis Roman III
Scrooge Your Resolutions – Luis Alberto Landa
* WINNER – Love Eternal – Greg Mohn
Garbage Out – Spaceship
Holy Water – Evan Carnevali
Spin The Bottle – Stefanie Davis


Take on Me – Treston Mayo
White Poison – Joe Furnari
The Piper – Albert Gonzalez
* WINNER – Forest of Fools – Daniel Hagler
Sunburn – Joshua De La Vega
Treasured – Graham Zielinski


Dumb – Christian Gage
Keys to the Heart – Joseph OConnor
* WINNER – New Day – Jeremiah Baumbach
Meadows of Aite – Brandon Miles
The Road to You – Graham Zielinski
The End – Space Lilly
A Thief’s Turmoil – Daniel Hagler

Soulmates – Werner Jauch
Scrooge Your Resolutions – Luis Alberto Landa
Holy Water – Manny Plaza-Fernandez
* WINNER – Love Eternal – Greg Mohn
Garbage Out – Spaceship
Dead End Job – DANIEL Hagler
Spin The Bottle – Stefanie Davis

* WINNER – The Piper – Albert Gonzalez
Treasured – Graham Zielinski
Forest of Fools – Manny Plaza Fernandez
Nefarious – Rick Owen
White Poison – Rick Owen
Take on Me – Treston Mayo


* WINNER –  A Thief’s Turmoil – Evan Hufferd
The End – Michael Friday
Buried Deep Inside – Jonny Mora
Keys to the Heart – Teo Ciltia
Dumb – Benjamin Ludwig
The Illusion of Choice – Dennis Mallen
Chanteuse – Kevin Kedgley
Violent Ends – Robert DeAngelo
Meadows of Aite – Shawn Ray
New Day – Scot Scurlock

Scrooge Your Resolutions – Scot Scurlock
Holy Water – Colt West
Love Eternal – Cairo Zion
* WINNER – Dead End Job – Emilio Luis Roman III
Spin The Bottle – Michael Ajazi
Instant Message – Tyler Price
Chaos, Inc. – Ben Buchanan

Treasured – Stephen Lewis
The Legend of the Night Guards – Luis Cortes
Poker Night – Dylan Michael Swan
White Poison – Les McDowell
The Piper – Chuck Fusca
* WINNER – Forest of Fools – Tony Palles


Dumb – Timandra Richardson
Violent Ends – Jackie Smith
Ameliorate – Danielle Rodd
* WINNER – Meadows of Aite – Chase Shellee
Maybe Tomorrow Will Be Better – Grace Schnitzius
New Day – Golnessa Tabrizi
The Road to You – Shelby Reynolds
Chanteuse – Leah Sessa
The End – Hannah Bender
The Illusion of Choice – Katie Payne


Garbage Out – Siobhan Gale
Love Eternal – Carson Jean Holley
Spin The Bottle – Chelsea Wolf
Instant Message – Jade Harvey
Soulmates – Carson Jean Holley
* WINNER – Dead End Job – Dawn Le May

Take on Me – Monique Lopez
* WINNER – The Piper – Holland Watkins
Forest of Fools – Brooke Hill
The Legend of the Night Guards – Jana Henry
Treasured – Justine Renee


A Thief’s Turmoil – Shawn Alexander Thompson
* WINNER – The Road to You – Angela Hamilton
New Day- Parissa Pirouzan Glaser
Meadows of Aite – Chase Shellee
The End – Koura Linda

Spin The Bottle – Stefanie Davis
Holy Water – Arturo Uspango
Extended – Lindsay Gabriel
Garbage Out – Joselyn Martinez
* WINNER – Love Eternal – Tracey Jane and Stephen Lewis

Take on Me – Ronny Vega
The Legend of the Night Guards – Zachary Tuttle
The Piper – McDonald Gonzalez
* WINNER – Forest of Fools – Emilio Roman
Deception – Brooke Fauver
White Poison Heather Fraley


* WINNER – New Day – Parissa Pirouzan Glaser
The Road to You – Angela Hamilton
Meadows of Aite – Brandon Miles
The End – Koura Linda

Dead End Job – Juan Pantoja
* WINNER – Love Eternal – Stephen Lewis
Garbage Out – Alan Smithee
Scrooge Your Resolutions – Bria Gaskin

Forest of Fools – Daniel Hagler
Treasured – Robin Hofmann
* WINNER – The Piper – Gonzalez Toyama
White Poison – Heather Fraley
Take on Me – Treston Mayo


* WINNER – New Day – Michael Helms
The Road to You – Gregory Mohn
Meadows of Aite – Brandon Miles
The End – Space Lilly

Garbage Out – Spaceship
* WINNER – Love Eternal – Steven C. Wilson
Spin The Bottle – Stefanie Davis

The Piper – Albert Gonzalez
* WINNER – Forest of Fools – Severin Hunt
White Poison – Dylan Michael Swan
Treasured – Tristan Ortiz


Meadows of Aite
* WINNER – New Day
The Road to You
The End

Scrooge Your Resolutions
Garbage Out
* WINNER – Love Eternal
Dead End Job

White Poison
* WINNER – The Piper
Forest of Fools


The following productions will be screened on May 20th at the Wayne Densch theater in Sanford (subject to final review). Their Cast and Crew are eligible for awards: (Please note: This is NOT the screening order}


The Piper-Fierce Orchid Productions
Forest of Fools -Emilio Luis Roman III / Daniel Hagler
White Poison-Heather Fraley
Treasured-Graham Zielinski
Deception-Reign Burton
Nefarious-Joe Furnari
The Legend of the Night Guards-Zachary Tuttle
Sunburn-Douglas Ross Capps
Poker Night-Swan Studio Entertainment
Take on Me-Treston Mayo
The Intel-Marleah Filan


Chaos, Inc.-Nick Marinucci
Soulmates-Arlene Lagos
Scrooge Your Resolutions-Bria Gaskin + Keara Mix
Love Eternal-Stephen Lewis
Dead End Job-Emilio Roman / Juan Pantoja
Violentines Day-Juan Rivera
The Legend of the Florida Man-Alex R. Wagner & Kimberly DiPersia
Ten Seconds Behind-Patrick Keleher
Extended-Lindsay Gabriel
Holy Water-Arturo Uspango
Guy-Kaehla Maurer & Jei Samuels
Instant Message-Jasmine Vazquez and Jasmin Alexa
BAGAWK-Erik Helsen
Garbage Out-Alan Smithee
Spin The Bottle-Stefanie Davis
Zombie, My Friend-Doc Anthony Bravo
Finger Wars-Cameron Tucker


New Day-Parissa Pirouzan Glaser
Violent Ends-Danielle DeAngelo
Buried Deep Inside-Angeliz Bruno
The End-Koura Linda
Keys to the Heart-Joseph O’Connor
The Road to You-Angela Hamilton
If not Now, When?-Luis Mayoral-cortes
The Amulet-Michael Lamberti & Michael Innamorato
Dwelling-Chloe Grant
ROBBED-Justin Rios
Dumb-Jake Mitchell and Timandra Richardson
Ameliorate-Miguel Berlingeri
Maybe Tomorrow Will Be Better-Grace Schnitzius
The Table-Sky Belluomini
Meadows of Aite-Chase Shellee
Bloody Mary-Jasmin Alexa
The Illusion of Choice-Katie Payne
The Innocence killer-Chad Shaver
Paper Napkins-Shanita Brown
Three in Vein-Andrew Brunner
Meadows of Aite-Chase Shellee
Spirits-Lewis Leslie
One Bad Day-John Furnari
Green Tears-Welby Delinois
Chanteuse-KRPR Media Group
A Pale Moon-Kelly D. Weaver
A Thief’s Turmoil-Shawn Alexander Thompson
Broken Hearted-Ja’Quinton webb

2023 OIF Legend Challenge Official Selection


The Sixth Boy – Submitted By Trent Duncan
When a mysterious singing terrorist threatens to blow up Lake Eola, an FBI Agent and a Private Investigator with a torrid past must work together to stop his plan. [PG]

The Piper – Submitted By Mary Sawyer
A young heroine battles a villain who can’t seem to take things seriously. [PG-13]

The Legend of the Night Guards – Submitted By Zachary Tuttle
A old Japanese legend comes to life in a museum as two night guards have to protect the place from evil spirits and ninjas. [PG-13]

Deception – Submitted By Samantha(Reign) Burton
A couple who are trained spies want to spice up their relationship. [PG-13]

Treasured – Submitted By Graham Zielinski
Hot on the trail of another artifact seeking duo, Elizabeth and Ethan find themselves in the fight of their life as they accidentally discover what is most Treasured. [PG-13]

Forrest of Fools – Submitted By Emilio Roman
A Monty Python-esk comedy where Massimo the knight must save Victoria the jester from the gallows by any means, even through a dance battle. [PG-13]

The Unseen – Submitted By Rex Seaton
when a lonely Mechanic gets a visit from a customer at his new shop, an unseen presence threatens their very lives! [PG-13]

Memorandum – Submitted By J.P. Smith
A retiring cowboy must remember where he buried the gold before his vengeful partner kills him. [PG-13]

White Poison – Submitted By Heather Fraley
A well planned event takes a turn with extreme obstacles. [PG-13]

Nefarious – Submitted By Joe Furnari
Elegant crew against the nefarious law. [PG-13]

BAGAWK! – Submitted By Erik Helsen
An innocent young man has become prey and must run for his life. [PG]

Take on me – Submitted By Ronny Vega
Take On Me. A woman in a abusive relationship brings a comic book hero to life ,with her consciousness. [PG-13]

Atomic – Submitted By Syd Latimore
Attempting to survive a post-apocalyptic wasteland at the hands of a powerful and evil dictator, an orphan searches for her parents stuck in an atomic cloud. [PG]

The Intel – Submitted By Christian Martinez
A group of soldiers remembers simpler times as they run an escort mission behind enemy lines. [PG-13]

Two Wrongs – Submitted By Ciara Fineman
Four months after a drunken car accident took a young girl’s life, Ashley is faced with the girl’s father who is determined to get justice or revenge. [PG-13]

Sunburn – Submitted By Douglas Capps
On a hot day at the beach a Lifeguard must save a woman from a kidnapping, but everything’s not as it seems. [PG-13]

POKER NIGHT – Submitted By Dylan Swan
A young couple find themselves under serious financial stress. Desperate times call for desperate measures. They say life is a gamble, and these two are feeling lucky. [PG-13]

Last Half Hour – Submitted By Logan VanDyke
A man is forced into a high-stakes game of survival when he is carjacked by a desperate criminal. As they race against time, secrets are revealed and alliances are tested as they both fight to keep what they hold dear. [PG-13]

Official Legends: State Secrets – Submitted By Rodrick Colbert
Newly-inaugurated American president Perez Ellis must decide if he should be complicit with some revealed national secrets. [PG-13]


I WILL SURVIVE – Submitted By David Powers
4 Strangers. 30 Days in the forest. 1 Big problem. [PG-13]

Soulmates – Submitted By Arlene Lagos
When Lily and Ben find a book of spells, they try and unlock the legend of soulmates and end the curse that befalls mankind [PG]

Love Eternal – Submitted By Stephen Lewis
A perfectionist angel discovers that her eternal work-in-progress has already been written by a mortal. [G]

Room Service – Submitted By David Kashner
A struggling actress lands the role of a lifetime and proceeds to do everything and everything to screw it up [PG-13]

Scrooge Your Resolutions – Submitted By Keara Mix
Scrooge’s resolutions are tested by the new year. [G]

Chaos Inc. – Submitted By Nick Marinucci
On her first day at an untraditional company, a relentlessly optimistic new hire pitches an idea that could turn her workplace upside-down. [G]

Table for Two – Submitted By Jason TRUE
With her biological clock ticking, a woman comes to a relationship crossroads. [PG-13]

Holy Water – Submitted By Arturo Uspango
In olden times, two gunslingers gamble in a spiritual duel for the transformation of the world. [PG-13]

Moms Home – Submitted By Cole Durham
Forgetting to clean the house like he was asked while his mom was away for the weekend. Connor has to call in for an emergency cleaning team to make sure he isn’t caught slacking. [PG]

GUY – Submitted By Kaehla Maurer
Two best friends must decide who gets the Guy and find what true love really means. [PG-13]

Ten Seconds Behind – Submitted By Patrick Keleher
When a control freak from the Rocky Mountains tries to turn her life around by applying to become a Ski Patroller, she finds a gadget that can take her ten seconds into the past, giving her full authority over any situation. [PG]

Spin The Bottle – Submitted By Stefanie Davis
Liv brings her new boyfriend, David, to her monthly group where an innocent game of “truth or dare” begins. [PG-13]

Ridesharing – Submitted By Luis Acosta
RIDESHARING – Luis shares a few interesting and sometimes crazy stories recounting and narrating his experiences as a rideshare driver. [PG-13]

Garbage Out – Submitted By Alan Smithee
A dark comedy about a young woman who discovers her friend living in her garbage can on the morning of garbage day, leading to a confrontation that exposes their differing perspectives on life and the true meaning of being “garbage.” [PG]

Brite Darkness: The Rise of Lofi – Submitted By bonnie kerlin
A documentary film crew follows a budding music producer as they attempt to start the first Lofi Record Label, Brite Darkness and prove the mellow background genre belongs in the spotlight. [PG-13]

Finger Wars – Submitted By Cameron Tucker
Mercenaries with no budget whatsoever hunt down Steven Seagal before he can eat everyone under the table again. [PG-13]

Zombie, My Friend – Submitted By Doc Bravo
When you’re the last human in a zombie apocalypse, you either live as the loner or become friends with the zombies. [PG]

Instant Message – Submitted By Jasmine Vasquez
Two teen comes across each other via text by mistake as one has gotten the wrong number. After a couple lies and terrible adventures throughout the days trying to impress each other over text as well as one being a complete catfish, They soon begin to fall for eachother. Will they ever meet? [PG-13]

The Legend of the Florida Man – Submitted By Kimberly DiPersia
A young investigative journalist is on a mission to uncover the true story behind the mysterious Florida Man. [PG]

Stars Of Slate – Submitted By Kylee Peck
LilKawl K’s two daughters are growing up in a digital age, in which their mom is queen of the Slate app. Mitch had one bad day and with a concussion is put into a whole new world. The life of influencers. [PG-13]

Extended – Submitted By Lindsay Gabriel
A young artist finds evidence of an intruder in her household… but the guest may not be what she expected, and more than she can handle. [PG-13]

Pulling Strings – Submitted By Mark Dixon
A struggling musician rises to fame after an obsessed fan assaults him. [PG-13]

Violentines Day – Submitted By Marvin Ellis
A women must use her skill and cunning to stop an unwanted intruder [PG-13]


New Day – Submitted By Parissa Pirouzan Glaser
A young Iranian woman living alone in the US struggles to celebrate her new year as she clashes with her traditional American neighbor over their cultural differences. [PG]

The End – Submitted By Koura Linda
Knowing that her world could end at any moment, a young woman with an uncertain past struggles to make a decision about her future. [PG]

The Credits – Submitted By Matt Scoville
A young closeted filmmaker privately screens his new film to family and friends but is distraught to find his crucial credits have been cut out. [PG]

The Table – Submitted By Sky Belluomini
When 5 strangers meet for dinner, they must all figure out what they have in common and the secret that could ruin one of their lives. [PG-13]

The Road to You – Submitted By Angela Hamilton
Set against the backdrop of the American South during the Vietnam war, two sisters run away from their rural community in search of a better life. [PG]

Three in Vein – Submitted By Andrew Brunner
A detective must solve the murder of a body found in the woods. [PG-13]

Spirits – Submitted By Lewis Leslie
After polishing off a bottle of bourbon, Graham Turner hears the voice of his dead wife. [PG-13]

Buried Deep Inside – Submitted By Angeliz Bruno
After a tragic event within the fictional perfect suburban town of Edenville, Georgia. Six friends receive anonymous texts that threaten their deepest darkest secrets. [PG-13]

Meadows Of Aite – Submitted By Chase Shellee
The banished greek goddess of obsession, Aite, meets with her half brother Hephaestus to convince him mankind has grown distracted and godless leading to the near downfall of true artistic creation, and she may have already set a plan in motion to release her sister from their father’s curse. [PG-13]

ROBBED – Submitted By Justin Rios
On a broad day, within a popular local diner, its teenage employees work restless when a handsome, charismatic man enters, stealing their attention only to reveal his interests are to purloin something of more fundamental value… [PG-13]

The Illusion of Choice – Submitted By Katie Payne
A woman makes a choice, but was it ever her choice to make? [PG-13]

If Not Now, When? – Submitted By Luis Mayoral-Cortes
Gina, an Army medical officer has returned home and tries to reconnect with her mother-in-law, Betty who has been difficult to deal with for years. [PG-13]

Through The Eyes of Abbigail – Submitted By florentina kleiner
Immerse yourself in the world of Abbigail through her eyes. Experience her thoughts and moments where Autism and Health are shown in a unique way as Abbigail engages with people and situations in the world. Let your mind be opened to a world through her eyes! [PG-13]

A Pale Moon – Submitted By Kelly Weaver
During a slow night at work a waitress has a chance meeting with a long time customer that will change her life forever. [PG-13]

PAPER NAPKINS – Submitted By Shanita Brown
PAPER NAPKINS. When love is involved, people will go to any lengths to get to the one they love. [G]

Dinner With Father – Submitted By Robert Laur
Is it just another dinner, or are things realized at the last moment? [PG-13]

Hope – Submitted By Zainab Raza
After the loss of his partner, Teo struggles to find courage and meaning in life until he meets someone that changes his perspective. [PG]

One Bad Day – Submitted By John Furnari
When anything and everything goes wrong will it even have a silver lining. [PG-13]

The Amulet – Submitted By Michael Lamberti
THE AMULET. When the legendary archaeologist is down on his luck, one lone traveler sparks an interest in an artifact that was thought to be destroyed. [PG-13]

A Thief’s Turmoil – Submitted By Shawn Thompson
How far is too far when everything you love is on the line… [PG-13]

Violent Ends – Submitted By Danielle DeAngelo
Domestic Violent in the home forces a young child to take matters into his own hands. [PG-13]

To Have and Uphold – Submitted By Bayley TRUE
TO HAVE AND UPHOLD. In 1869, a reluctant bride explores the meaning and duty of marriage on the eve of her wedding. [PG]

Green Tears. – Submitted By Welby Delinois
A lonely man in desperate financial constraints ends up befriending a man who, while offering to solve all of his woe’s, will be the one to bring him to both his financial and emotional ruin. [PG-13]

Innocence Killer – Submitted By Chad Shaver
Some traumas just never let you go. [PG-13]

Dwelling – Submitted By Chloe Grant
A young woman in pursuit of a new apartment encounters an amenity she never bargained for. [PG-13]

Maybe Tomorrow Will be Better – Submitted By Grace Schnitzius
Life is hard. But when you’re a teenage girl with crippling anxiety it’s even harder. [PG]

Business is Business – Submitted By Gregory Gonzalez
Henry is giving a suitcase full of money to Marcus, but he got into a serious dilemma. [PG-13]

Broken Hearted – Submitted By Ja’Quinton Webb
After being informed about his ex-girlfriends infidelity, a rejected guy makes a life threatening decision. [G]

Bloody Mary – Submitted By Jasmin Alexa
Three teens decide to play a well known game that eventually turns into their worst nightmare as one teen struggles with the repercussions of of playing the game completely wrong when mental health takes over. [PG-13]

Chanteuse – Submitted By Kay Renz
Torn between a New York gangster and an ambitious FBI agent, a 1930’s nightclub singer plots a deadly double cross. [PG-13]

East to West – Submitted By Malakai Harewood
EAST TO WEST. A philosophical son goes on a journey to heal the relationship with his mother while a stranger changes his perspective on life. [PG-13]

Ameliorate – Submitted By Miguel Berlingeri
Will an woman take her fathers advise and leave an abusive relationship and reconcile her relationship with her father. [PG-13]

Dumb – Submitted By Timandra Richardson
A young actress finds a fixation with a peer in her acting class, muddying the line between performance and reality. [PG-13]



The film submission guidelines are incorporated herein. 
Failure to follow these Challenge Rules and Guidelines may disqualify your entry from being screened and/or being eligible for any awards!

 Submission deadline for scripts: January 23, 2023 @ 11:59pm
  • Complete film must be submitted by: April 17 @ 11:59pm
  • Please practice safe filming.  No real arms to be used on ANY set.
  • Choose one of the following genres: Drama, Comedy or Action/Adventure. Sub genres are welcome.
  • Keep it clean, max rating of  PG-13.  No nudity.  Limited profanity allowed where useful to the story line.  We normally have a general audience in the theater, keep it so the whole family can enjoy the screening.
  • Maximum total film run-time (including titles and credits) is 9 minutes. 
  • If your script was selected you have a secured screening spot at the event and your cast and crew are eligible for awards as long as the final film qualifies and is submitted by the deadline.
  • Films not received by the deadline will not be eligible for awards and may not be screened.
  • If your script is selected you are expected to post updates to the OIF group along with these lead tags:
    #OIF #OIFLegendChallenge 
  • Your film may NOT be shown elsewhere prior to the OIF Challenge screening date. 
  • Award nominations for actors as a lead and/or supporting role is limited to a total of three (3) films per Challenge.
  • Writers or Directors are limited to such roles in 1 film per Challenge.
  • Additional Terms and Conditions may apply and will be posted on the submission form.

Read the Film Submission Guidelines HERE

Award Categories

  • Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Music, Best Director, Best Cinematographer, Best Editor, Best Original Story, Best Sound, Best Set Design, Best Hair/MUA.
  • Certificate Awards:  Honorable Mentions.


  • REWRITE – leave the script for a couple of days then come back to read it with a fresh mind, you have time, don’t rush or send the first draft.
  • GET FEEDBACK  – Let someone else advise you on their take of your script. We have a poll with 50+ people who are willing to give that feedback. You can also reach out and consider participating in a table read workshop
  • Get to the point fast, answer the question “what are we following here” as soon as you can so your script has a good pace, keep the audience engaged.
  • Avoid “fluff” that may disenchant the audience and use action for greater engagement.
  • Submit an engaging original. Include a memorable story with scenes and characters to thrill the audience at the premiere. ypou 

Submissions are now closed - See you on May 20, 2023!