2019 LOL Challenge Red Carpet Event

Tickets are valid for both film screening blocks, including the Awards Ceremony and the After-Party.

OIF is proud to present the BIGGEST FUNNIEST Red Carpet Screening and awards ceremony to date! #EntertainmentGuaranteed

The event will be held on Saturday, June 15th @4pm at the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center, 201 Magnolia Ave, Sanford, FL 32771

Expect to be entertained, these films are FUNNY.

Below find the evening schedule and tickets.

The LOL event starts at 4pm – please arrive at least 15 minutes earlier, allowing time for check-in. Immediately after the short greeting and tribute to Tyler White and Rose Rodriguez, we will screen the first block:

First Block

  • Lexa Davis – Netvos Angeliz
  • Bruno – Operation Blow
  • David Mills – Netflix and Kill
  • Ron T. Baker – Wannabes
  • Zachary Tuttle – Black Diamond and Ivory Fist
  • Freddie Jarrett – Shit Stew
  • Charlston Urbina – Neighborhood Nightwatch
  • Frank Burns – Dead Giveaway
  • Kelly Weaver – Delusions Of A Perfect Existance
  • Madison Bowman – How To: Be The Perfect Boyfriend
  • Roberto Moreno Torres – Don’t Blink
  • Matthew Thomas – Belvoir Drive
  • Michael Moretti – Jane
  • Mark Provance – Morning with the Jubluks
  • Swann Christopher – Tank and Tina’s First Vacation
  • Nathan Bradford – Eerobics
  • First Block Audience Awards
  •  45 minutes break – Meet and Greet, Red Carpet Photos and Interviews.   A Food Truck Festival is taking place right around the corner, with over 12 trucks. Feel free to grab something quick.

Second Block

  • Chris Ballinger – The Art of the Deal
  • Brenda Ingraham – Textual Trouble
  • Tzvia Lorusso – Rookie Day
  • Nilda Ledix – Our first Family Dinner
  • Matt Payne – Boundaries
  • Paisley Greer – The Entrepreneur
  • Joseph O’Connor – This Big!
  • Lenny Lorusso – Special House Sauce
  • D.T. Bullock – The Founding of Youth
  • Adam Ray – The Cat Did it
  • Dale Metz – S.N.A.F.U.
  • Joel Otero – Big Fish Little Pond
  • Matthew Burgess – Cooking with Chaz
  • Petra Tressler – Men A Pause
  • Robert Dodrill – Frank’s Bad Advice
  • Josiah Sampson – Hive Mind
  • David Kashner – The Decision
  • Second Block Audience Award
  • 15- minute break
  • Awards Ceremony
  • After Party

To keep things simple logistically, we are only offering one all day pass – Get your tickets here: