OIF PHONE Challenge – 2020


Best Production Design – Fruit Cake – Violetta Anna licari

Best Original Music – The Great Story – Ron Potter

Best Editor – Uploaded – Robert Dodrill

Best Cinematography – 3 Liters – Dale Metz

Best Lead Actor – 3 Liters – Josh Russell

Best Lead Actress – NEVERMORE – Shannon Scott

Best Original Story – The Great Story – Joseph O’Connor

Honorable Mention:

  • Dear Santa! – Pheobe Sawyer
  • Survivor’s Guilt  – Mike Rusnack

Best Picture Nominees:

  • The Great Story
  • Fruit Cake
  • Dear Santa!
  • 3 Liters

Best Picture Winner: 3 Liters

PHONE Challenge Nominees:

Best Production Design
Fruit Cake – Violetta Anna licari
The Great Story – Joseph O’Connor
3 Liters – Dale Metz

Best Original Music
They See You – Kathleen Enriquez
On the sidewalk – Cameron Coelho
The Great Story – Ron Potter
Uploaded – Robert Dodrill

Best Cinematography
Fruit Cake – Graham Zielinski
Uploaded – Robert Dodrill
NEVERMORE – Robert Massetti
3 Liters – Dale Metz
Escape – Paul Usungu
They See You – Gary Kennedy
Dear Santa! – Paul Usungu

Best Lead Actor
On the Sidewalk – Gage Lynn
Survivor’s Gilt – Mike Rusnack
One Bullet – Freddie Jarrett
Escape – Martigan Delano
3 Liters – Josh Russell

Best Lead Actress
Dear Santa! – Phoebe Sawyer
Fruit Cake – Vesta Millard
The Great Story – Abby Hosmer
One Bullet – Danielle J. Bowman
Escape – Roxy Eustache
3 Liters – Alyssa Commons
NEVERMORE – Shannon Scott

Best Original Story
NEVERMORE – Robert Massetti
The Great Story -Joseph O’Connor
Fruit Cake – Violetta Anna licari

The Challenge: Make a Film Worthy of Theatrical Release Using a PHONE Camera!

Some were able to win an Oscar filming on a phone… can you?

OIF Film Submission Form

Your Name (First and Last)

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Film Title:

Film By:

Lead Actor Name (N/A if not applicable):

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Supporting Lead Actor Name (N/A if not applicable):

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Film Logline:

RUN TIME – Minutes:  Seconds: 

Self-Rating: GPGPG-13R

Genre: DramaComedyAction

Your Role in the Production: ProducerDirectorAgentWriter

Production Company (if any): 

Private link to the film for viewing online
(Please provide an unlisted link on a streaming service [YouTube or Vimeo]. If part of a Challenge, this link will be provided to the judges)
If using Vimeo, you are allowed to password-protect the file and provide that here.

Password if required: 

Private link to download the film file (Provide a file of MP4 using wetransfer, drop box etc.): 
If this is being submitted for a Challenge, be sure to follow the required specs posted in the Challenge rules) Be sure to name your zip file and MP4 file so we can identify your film title (partial title name suggested, no spaces in file and Folder name.

File Location Password, if required: 

Please submit my film to FLIXET.com. (Flixet is a growing short film library currently accumulating over 100 short films for its Beta Launch. It will mainly feature OIF shorts at the start, with a possibility of later monetizing the site on a revenue sharing model.) . We will contact you prior to launch.

YesNo(After screening. Visit Site For more Details). We will contact you prior to launch.

By submitting content via this page, I confirm that I have read and agreed to the submission guidelines.
(please check this box to accept and continue)

The name of your production and your name will be listed as an official entrant once qualified.

Your privacy is important to us. Your email address will not be shared with any party not affiliated with OIF.

Objective: Focus on filmmaking concepts including script development, casting, directing, cinematography, editing, audio, sound design, and music to create a well structured, entertaining and Theater Release Worthy film using a phone.

Judging Criteria:

40%  Story, script, acting, entertainment value.

30%  Film technical merit (excluding cinematography)  audio, editing, sound design, score

30%  Cinematography  (composition, lighting, exposure, cinematic camera moves)

– Prizes

  • Crystal Awards: Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress
  • Certificate Awards: Best Set Design, Best Cinematography, Best Editor, Best Music, Audience Award, Honorable Mentions.
  • Top 3 films will be automatically an official selection at the MIFF 2020. http://www.melbournefilmfest.com/
  • Best Picture will be screened and compete in best of 2020 at the OIF year-end Gala

– An official OIF phone Challenge. PLEASE READ ALL GUIDELINES.

  • No selection process, open to everyone!
  • $10.00 early registration (until November 15th), $15.00 regular registration fee to enter.
  • Last day to register; December 8th
  • Films Due February 8, 2019
  • Make it family-watchable, PG-13, limit F words to 2-3, No nudity, gore and blood are okay, make a use of profanity in good taste.
  • Maximum total film run-time is 6 minutes. Including Everything.
  • All footage must be captured by a cell phone. (exception) up to 5 percent of film may include footage from a specialty camera such as a drone camera, underwater camera, etc.
  • Multiple cell phones may be used but shall be individually listed in the credits under “camera equipment used”.
  • You must submit 10 behind the scene still images showcasing how you shot with your cell phone.
  • The films that are deemed by the judges as “Ready for Theater” will be screened at a Red Carpet event and will compete for limited awards. The rest will go online and will compete for certificate awards
  • If you registered for the challenge you are expected to post updates in the OIF group with the tags #YOURFILMNAME #PhoneChallenge #OIF
  • Your film may NOT be shown elsewhere prior to the OIF Challenge screening/Online Release date. 
  • No limit on how many films cast/crew can participate in.
  • Filming cannot start before the challenge’s kick-off.
  • MANDATORY PROP:  Display the letters “OIF” together in the film, it can be a serial number oif-09766, scribble on a piece of paper, part of a book cover, etc’.

OIF PHONE Challenge Participants!

Joseph O’Connor – Game Changer

Arlene Lagos – Queen of Battle

Dale C Metz – 3 liters

Robert Massetti – Lord Infamous Scorpion

J.P. Smith – Queen of Swords

David Kashner – Chaos

Bryan Johnson – The Assassin

Cindy Karafilis – Incredible Four

Gage Lynn – Lord of War

Violetta Licari – Queen of Spades

Florentina Kleiner – Queen of Haunts

Michael Richartz – The Phoenix Fire

Nikki Buttery – Queen of Fire

Paul Usungu – Ace of Aces

Robert Dodrill – Symon Frost

Stephanie Kirves – Queen Mastermind

Swann Christopher (T2TC) – Fire Starters

Sarah Voghn Perry – Fierce Leader

Tzvia Lorusso – Queen of Hearts

Zachary Tuttle – Triple Threat

Matthew Burgess – Demon Slayer

Reinaldo Angola-Hernandez – Majestic Crow

Luis Castillo – Master Fighter

Wes Imlay – The Joker

OIF, Orlando Independent Filmmakers is a community-based organization.

We have regular filmmaking challenges throughout the year using our Facebook group page, to support our collective endeavors.

Our challenges begin with screenwriting and go all the way to theatrical presentations. Our last event was held recently at AMC Theaters in Altamonte Springs with about 400 attendees.

In order to accommodate our growing community and provide greater opportunities to filmmakers we are offering this Phone challenge. The challenge has slightly different rules than our previous challenges.

The full support of our community, through Facebook, is still available to each filmmaker. You can post for cast and crew right on our page.

It is a good idea to take on a cast or crew position in an OIF production to build your network and find like-minded individuals to support your own film endeavors. We have found that this is simply the best way to achieve your goals and it is the reason OIF has grown so quickly. We are a Community.

How to register?

Step 1 – Pay the fees here – https://oifstudio.com/store/oif-phone-challenge/

Step 2 – Fill out the registration form below and use your order ID.

Step 3 – Join the OIF group if not already a member for updates and info regarding the challenge – https://www.facebook.com/groups/orlandofilmmakers/