OIF ARISE Challenge - 2022

Welcome to the Official Page for the 18th OIF Script-To-Screen Challenge.


Spy movie (Espionage), Comedy or Drama.
Filming cannot start prior to February 2nd where the script selection is scheduled be announced. (Any prior filming will disqualify the entry) You may start pre-production now, pending script selection, however, we all start filming at the same time.
We are looking for PG-13, No Nudity – general audience fitting scripts.
As most saw, we bring lots of people to watch the films and they are all ages. In order to give them enjoyable night, we are going to be a bit more selective with the scripts. If your script contains too much gore, too much violence, too much profanity… it may not be selected or screened.

Lets put on a show everyone can enjoy!

Link to submission page below.

– Award Categories

  • Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Music, Best Director, Best Cinematographer, Best Editor, Best Original Story, Best Sound, Best Set Design, Best Hair/MUA, Best VFX, Best Wardrobe
  • Certificate Awards:  Honorable Mentions.

Submit an engaging original. Include a memorable story with scenes and characters to thrill the audience at the premiere.

– An official OIF Script-to-Screen Challenge.
PLEASE READ ALL GUIDELINES. Be sure to check the standard film submission guidelines, which are incorporated herein by reference.


  • Submission deadline for scripts: January 30th, 2022 @ 11:59pm
  • Complete film must be submitted by End of Day:  April 10, 2022 @11:59pm
  • Please practice safe filming.  No real arms to be used on ANY set.
  • Choose one of the following genres: Spy movie, Comedy or Drama. Sub genres are welcome, such as horror.
  • Keep it clean, max rating of  PG-13.  Limit cursing, No nudity, minimal the gore and blood.  Limited profanity allowed where useful to the story line.  We normally have a general audience in the theater, keep it so the whole family can enjoy the screening.
  • Keep your script tight and engaging.
  • NO copyrighted music, minimal stock footage
  • NO Fan films, make it original please.
  • Maximum total film run-time (including credits) is 9 minutes.  Required Slates do not count towards time limit.
  • If your script was selected you have a secured screening spot at the event and your cast and crew are eligible for awards as long as the final film qualifies and is submitted by the deadline.
  • Films not received by the deadline will not be eligible for awards and may not be screened.
  • If your script is selected you are expected to post updates to the OIF group along with these lead tags:
    #OIF #oifchallenge #ARISE
  • Your film may NOT be shown elsewhere prior to the OIF Challenge screening date. 
  • Standard Terms and Conditions apply and will be posted on the submission form.

Recap of some rules meant to provide more opportunities and fairer chance at the awards ceremony:

  • Same actor can only be in a total of 3 films as a lead or supporting lead role with a max of 2 leads roles.   Undertaking roles as an extra is excluded from the count.
  • Director and/or writer is limited to 1 film submission per Challenge.

Please read the full guidelines HERE


  • REWRITE – leave the script for a couple of days then come back to read it with a fresh mind, you have time, don’t rush or send the first draft.
  • GET FEEDBACK  – Let someone else advise if it made sense to them. We have a poll with 50+ people who are willing to give that feedback, reach out and/or consider participating in the pre-challenge table read workshop. (will be posted soon)
  • Get to the point fast, answer the question “what are we following here” as soon as you can so your script has a good pace, keep the audience engaged.

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