Thank you for your interest in joining OIF.  We are a closely-knit community actively involved in the production of media-related content and events. In order to help ensure the success of our dynamic and collaborative efforts as we continue growing, we ask all potential members to accept the terms on this page, as modified from time to time.  Thank you.

Terms of Membership

(Membership Agreement)


By registering for and/or using content within the private member’s area  of this web site, I  agree to the  terms and conditions listed below:

  1.   General
    1.   I understand this website is an extension to the OIF Facebook group, member areas are open only to active members in good standing.
    2.   Tools and resources on this site are for members’ use only and not to be shared externally.
    3.   The non-member areas of this site are open to the general public.
  2.  Membership
    1.   Members must participate in at least one OIF project per year or their membership may be terminated without notice.
    2.   Members must maintain proper conduct and adhere to these guidelines in order to retain membership.
    3.   An individual’s membership on this site may be terminated by an admin without cause or notice, at their sole discretion.
These guidelines may be modified at any time without prior notice.   The most current set shall apply.
Last revised on: 2/26/2017