OIF Films at the Orlando Fringe Festival

OIF at the Orlando Fringe Festival

OIF is proud to partner with the Orlando Fringe Festival to present a series of locally-produced short films.

The OIF film community counts numerous people with a theater background amonsgt its membership.

List of Films slelected to be screened at the Festival:

  • Anything You Can Do – Laura Vonmutius
  • Love Eternal – Tracey Jane
  • Nova – Tristan Anthony Ortiz
  • Florida School Number 4891 – Parissa Pirouzan Glaser
  • Where the Heart Is – Arlene McQueen
  • Saving Cycle – Kimberly DiPersia
  • Phone Home for the Holidays – Angela Hamilton
  • The Great Book – Tussle Ana Gorayeb
  • A Thief’s Turmoil – Shawn Thompson
  • The Photographer – Baja Noel
  • Ring Around The New Year – Alex R. Wagner
  • Sanctuary – Jacob Schwartz
  • SUNBURN – Ross Capps
  • The Piper – Mary A. Toyama