OIF RUSH Challenge - 2019

Made it! :


The Huntress [Action/PG-13] – By Michael Speigner

Break Time [Action/PG-13]  – By Gregory Mohn

The Hero We Get  [Action-Comedy/PG-13] – By Gage Lynn

The Syndicate: Reignite [Action/PG-13]  – By Kelly Weaver

The Monmouth Defector [Action/PG] – By Wes Imlay

The Visionary [Action/PG-13] – By Brandon Rivers

LEGACY [Action/PG-13] – By Brooks Leibee

Resilient [Action/PG] – By Matthew Burgess

Black Diamond and Ivory Fist: The Ho Ho Ho Holiday Funk [Action/PG-13] – By Zachary Tuttle

Surviving Reality [Adventure-Comedy/PG-13] – By Madison Bowman

Amira 2: Retribution [Action/PG] – By Samantha Burton & Shiminga Forney

code: MAGENTA [Adventure-Comedy/PG] – By Alaina Jaye Antrim

A Reckoning [Adventure/PG] – By Dale Metz

The Tale of two Famous Actors [Adventure-Comedy/PG] – By Petra Tressler

Lucas – [Adventure/PG] – By Paul Usungu

Orion – The Hunter [Adventure/PG] – By Mary Ann Sawyer

Breathe [Adventure/PG] – By Joseph O’Connor

Lyber Ride [Adventure/PG] – By Swann Christopher


Fate Knocking [Romance/PG] – By Arlene Lagos

Escape [Romance/PG] – By Robert Laur

Table Talk [Romance/G] – By Violetta Anna Licari

A Love Game [Romance/PG] – By Lexa Davis

Just My Luck [Romance/PG] – By Righley Engelhardt

Justice [Romance/PG-13] – By Jill Mington

Like a Lady [Romance/PG] – By Zainab Raza

Emotional Pianist [Romance/PG] – By Henrique Franhani

 Forever in my heart [Romance/PG-13] – By Florentina Kleiner

¿A quién quiero mentirle? [Romance-Comedy/PG-13] – By Ibis Enid Rodriguez

TORN [Romance-Comedy/PG-13] – By Eddie Wilson and Honesty Bodiford.

Heart vs. Brain [Romance-Comedy/PG-13] – By Eli Bulger

My Everyday Life [Action-Comedy/PG-13] – By Nazsir Givens

The Odds [Action-Comedy/PG-13] – By Sarah Vaughn & Emerson Perry

The A Game [Romance-Comedy/PG-13] – By Cleo Fox & Ebony Allison

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  • Certificate Awards: Audience Awards, Honorable Mentions.
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– An official OIF Script-to-Screen Challenge. PLEASE READ ALL GUIDELINES.

  • Looking for engaging original, memorable stories, scenes and characters that would thrill the audience at the premiere and give a good RUSH
  • Script Submission deadline December 8th
  • Complete film must be submitted by March 8, 2019
  • Must be one of the following genre: Action/Adventure or Romance
  • Make it watchable by a family, PG-13, limit F words to 2-3, NO nudity, gore and blood are okay, make a use of profanity in good taste.
  • Maximum script page count is ~10 pages (10 minutes)
  • Maximum total film run-time (including credits but NOT required slates) is 10 minutes.
  • If your script was selected you have a secured screening spot at the event and your cast and crew are eligible for awards as long as the final film is submitted by the deadline TBA
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  • Your film may NOT be shown elsewhere prior to the set OIF Challenge screening date. 

Rules to provide more opportunities and a fair chance at the awards ceremony:

  • Same actor can only be in a total of 3 films as a lead or supporting lead role with a max of 2 leads and excluding extra work.
  • Director, writer is limited to 1 film in the same challenge.

Here is a link to the full guidelines: CLICK HERE


  • REWRITE – leave the script for a couple of days then come back to read it with a fresh mind, you have time, don’t rush or send the first draft.
  • GET FEEDBACK  – Let someone else advise if it made sense to them. We have a poll with 50+ people who are willing to give that feedback, reach out and/or consider participating in the pre-challenge table read workshop. (will be posted soon)
  • Get to the point fast, answer the question “what are we following here” as soon as you can so your script has a good pace, keep the audience engaged

OIF EDGE Challenge Participants!


The Huntress [Action/PG-13] – By Michael Speigner

Special Agent Mallen, a Playboy, reluctantly accepts an assignment to escort a teenage girl to a safe house, only to find the mission to be more challenging than he thought when he’s forced to deal with an angry teenager and a determined assassin.

Amira 2: Retribution [Action/PG] – By Samantha Burton & Shiminga Forney

Two former assassins are forced to cooperate with an FBI agent to catch a multifaceted violent criminal that they’ve done several assassinations for. But things quickly heat up when he realizes one of them is too close to home.

Break Time [Action/PG-13]  – By Gregory Mohn

A man on the verge of a scientific breakthrough gets a mysterious visitor who tries to stop him.

The Hero We Get  [Action-Comedy/PG-13] – By Gage Lynn

A retired special operative finds himself forced back into action and, suddenly, in the fight of his life.

Temper Peter [Action/PG-13] – By Will Umotong

“After witnessing the death of his little brother, a guy fights to get revenge against a mob boss while keeping his temperature above 99 or he dies”.

The Bag [Action/PG-13]  – By David Williams

No one knows what’s in it, but everybody wants it, and they do WHATEVER they can…to get it.

RUSH: How It Started [Action-Comedy/PG-13] – By Rex McSeaton

The son of a formerly idolized champion of an underground fighting ring, decides to bring his father’s legacy make to make a little extra money to help him and his pregnant girlfriend when he is met with an impossible choice. 

The Syndicate: Reignite [Action/PG-13]  – By Kelly Weaver

In the world of assassins sometimes love is a battlefield. 

Resilient [Action/PG] – By Matthew Burgess

A teen seeks redemption following a car accident, that claimed the life of her older sister.

The Odds [Action-Comedy/PG-13] – By Sarah Vaughn & Emerson Perry

A group of robbers find themselves in an interesting situation when they end up robbing the same location. 

My Everyday Life [Action-Comedy/PG-13] – By Nazsir Givens

A teenage boy who strives to be perfect, embarks on a journey with his 2 friends.

The Monmouth Defector [Action/PG] – By Wes Imlay

A man finds himself kidnapped by an intelligence agent from a Caribbean nation who wishes to defect to the United States.

LEGACY [Action/PG-13] – By Brooks Leibee

widower, on the run with this eight year old son, narrowly escapes local law enforcement with their lives, an age old secret, and a ruthless pursuer on their trail.

The Visionary [Action/PG-13] – By Brandon Rivers

James Spencer, a famous detective known for his special ability is presented with his biggest case yet to save the mayor’s from 3 of the cities biggest terrorist. He realizes time is not on his side to find the mayor’s where about. Him and his partner David Beucannon will be pushed farther than they ever imagine.

Mary, Bloody, Mary [Action/PG-13] – By Syd Latimore

After years of being incognito, a certified human weapon returns to her hometown to retrieve the ashes of her dead mother but, discovers her time away didn’t save her from past enemies.

Nerfed [Action/PG-13] – By Adam Ray

We find out what happens when adult friends refuse to grow up and other just don’t understand.

Black Diamond and Ivory Fist: The Ho Ho Ho Holiday Funk [Action/PG-13] – By Zachary Tuttle

The Evil Krampus and his Mistress of Evil Jackie Frost has kidnapped Santa so, it’s up to Black Diamond and Ivory Fist to save Santa using the power of Funk Fu.


The Jacket [Adventure/PG-13] – By Damien Shane

After purchasing and wearing an old jacket from Goodwill, a young man encounters some intense flashbacks that lead him to an unsolved murder. Now, he, his girlfriend, and best friend are on the hunt for answers.

code: MAGENTA [Adventure-Comedy/PG] – By Alaina Jaye Antrim

Originating with the trials of one woman centuries ago, a group of kids are left clues to a mystery bigger than any of them ever expected.

A Reckoning [Adventure/PG] – By Dale Metz

A group of teenagers befriend a homeless man and discover magic that goes beyond friendship.

Surviving Reality [Adventure-Comedy/PG-13] – By Madison Bowman

When four teens wake up in an unknown land with no recollection of how they got there, they realize that their fate lies in their ability to survive reality. 

Breathe [Adventure/PG] – By Joseph O’Connor

A young boy takes an adventure that no one should ever have to take.

My Movie [Adventure-Comedy/PG-13] – By Brian Furber

An adventurous short film about how a man who lost everything was still able to find his true self.

The Tale of two Famous Actors [Adventure-Comedy/PG] – By Petra Tressler

Two so called famous actors who compete against each other, receive a lesson in the afterlife

Lyber Ride [Adventure/PG] – By Swann Christopher

An uber uptight businessman who is forced to get a lift from a rideshare service ends up getting more than he bargained for.

Lucas – [Adventure/PG] – By Paul Usungu

A Friendship story between Jody and her fish pet Lucas

The Hunter [Adventure/PG] – By Mary Ann Sawyer

Little girl chose a Dare while playing Truth or Dare and what she finds out leads her to  become a hunter.

Paranormal Warp Zone [Adventure-Comedy/PG-13] – By J.P Smith

3 filmmaking buddies rush into capturing their idol on film for a 24HR film challenge and end up having an experience of a lifetime.



Fate Knocking [Romance/PG] – By Arlene Lagos

When opportunity knocks,  will Betty be ready to open the door to her fate?

TORN [Romance-Comedy/PG-13] – By Eddie Wilson and Honesty Bodiford.

When love’s GPS sets your destination to a beautiful blissful marriage. Suddenly, makes a left turn and detours you to a dead end. What do you do? Turn around and remain lost or create your own lane.

Room Service [Romance-Comedy/PG-13] – By Sheree Shearey

An up-and-coming and quirky actress, has a one-on-one love scene rehearsal with her famous co-star, where she crosses the line and jeopardizes her career.

Escape [Romance/PG] – By Robert Laur

Can a couple’s boredom survive temptation?

Table Talk [Romance/G] – By Violetta Anna Licari

When three senior ladies, and three senior men, make up their minds to fix what they think needs fixing, a series of coincidences follow around every corner

A Love Game [Romance/PG] – By Lexa Davis

Two enthusiastic anchors give live commentary on a series of simultaneous dates. In this game of love, only one couple will victoriously leave happily together.

The Past & The Present [Romance/G] – By Akirra Quinn

The year of 1970, a massive riot happened outside of Yani’s Nightclub. Will this night turn into something good, or something bad?

Just My Luck [Romance/PG] – By Righley Engelhardt

Justice [Romance/PG-13] – By Jill Mington

After her sister nearly dies as the result of a toxic relationship, a young girl seeks justice that spirals out of control.

Like a Lady [Romance/PG] – By Zainab Raza

A young trans woman endures judgement and reduction of validity against her identity as she attempts for new found love.  

Emotional Pianist [Romance/PG] – By Henrique Franhani

A teen expresses her emotions through music and gets to find true love because of that.

 Forever in my heart [Romance/PG-13] – By Florentina Kleiner

When two people in love find themselves broken. 


A woman receives unexpected gifts after her pet passes away.

Heart vs. Brain [Romance-Comedy/PG-13] – By Eli Bulger

A girl is conflicted by her rational and emotional thoughts while she is on the first date with her crush

¿A quién quiero mentirle? [Romance-Comedy/PG-13] – By Ibis Enid Rodriguez

Eva and Miguel had a relationship that lasted 10 years which ended in disappointment and they meet after 3 years with moments full of emotions and comedy.

The Accent [Romance-Comedy/PG-13] – By Cleo Fox & Ebony Allison

Studious guy seeks love but can never make a love connection, takes a bet from his best pal to try a new approach.