OIF Tampa Screening and Awards Event

OIF Tampa Genesis Film Screening

The screening of 13 selected films for the OIF Tampa “Genesis” Short Film Challenge takes place on September 30, 2023 from 6:00-9:00pm at the AMC Westshore 14 theater in Tampa.

The very first (“Genesis“) OIF Film Challenge in Tampa concludes with an evening of film, friends, and celebration.

A 140-seat auditorium in the AMC theater will host elegant guests as they enjoy watching their crafts come to life on the Big Screen. Friends, family members and others share in the experience. The audience reacts to what they experience as Challenge participants take note.

Not only do participants enjoy a local Hollywood-style experience alongside their peers, but they also get a chance to meet others in the field, whose work they just witnessed. The after-party creates a networking opportunity for many to connect with others that can help drive careers forward.

Seats still available online as of this writing. Visit https://oifstudio.com/store/