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Volunteer so we can keep breaking new ground.

OIF is an active Collaborative Film Organization.   Please consider volunteering your time, skill, or resources to help us grow and provide more creative minds the opportunity to participate in film-making.

Volunteers receive recognition and FREE access to OIF events they participate in.

We need individuals that can commit a bit of time and energy to help OIF grow to the next level.  Volunteers will benefit from greater insight into the film industry and boost their networking opportunities by joining one of our committees or projects.  The experience you gain by joining is invaluable.

If you’d like to assist in any way, please complete and submit the form and let us know your area of interest.    Thank you!


If you’d like to assist in any other way, please use the comment area to indicate that.  We are considering becoming a non-profit organization to promote participation and education in the film arts.  Volunteers  will be needed for that goal as well.

Please be sure to also state the city you live in  the comments area and tell us a bit more about yourself.   We are currently  starting a new non-profit that will increase our geographical presence and will consider volunteers for that organization as well.

We try to reply to everyone, but are currently limited in manpower to cover all our activities, so please forgive us if we do not reply.  Thank you,

NOTE: Only OIF Members in good-standing will be considered

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Last updated on February 20, 2020.