OIF Studio Volunteers

The following OIF Studio staff members contribute time and/or resources to help build and manage our vibrant film community.
Angeliz Bruno : Social Media Manager

Angeliz Bruno

Social Media Manager

Angeliz Bruno has appeared in many films, commercials, and theater productions. You may have seen her recently in “A Date With Death” by Matthew Lamont, “Me Too” Docudrama by Anthony Penney and “Living Shadows” by Tzvia Lorusso, to name just a few.

Angeliz’s ability to Model, Act,Sing and work in the Social Media area of promotions has allowed her work to be recognized by local Central Florida Entertainment groups such as Orlando International Fashion Week and recently OIF Studios.

Angeliz is a native Floridian,  born and raised in her home town of Orlando.

Cecil Battiste : Script Writing Workshop

Cecil Battiste

Script Writing Workshop

Cecil Battiste started screenwriting about fifteen years ago and has been an active member of local and online writing communities over the years. The most important rule is screenwriting is to tell a good story.

The “rules” of screenwriting vary based on if the script is designed for Hollywood or Independent filmmakers with limited budgets and the rules can be learned by writers as they go. One of the exciting things about collaboration is helping a writer find his or her voice to create the stories in their hearts and souls.

Cecil co-hosts the monthly Actors & Writers Workshop to provide a forum for writers to workshop scripts in progress and for actors to practice their crafts. The workshops are used to read and constructively discuss whatever scripts each writer brings to the meetings.

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